It's OK to Play in the Dark

Clinique's Play in the Darks Fall Collection Clinique’s new fall collection is titled “Play in the Darks” and it’s rich with color. This collection includes new and limited Colour Surge eyeshadow trios (which we love) in gorgeous colors, an assortment of mascaras for all your lash needs, cream eyeliner and best of all, new limited edition Almost Lipstick shades. You can see the entire collection here.

The eyeshadows are just beautiful. The trios include Black Truffle (Limited Edition), Crème Brulée (Limited Edition), Totally Neutral, Blushing Nude, Ebb and Flow and Come Heather. The Ebb and Flow and Come Heather trios are part of the violet family but all of these other trios are right up my alley.. gorgeous wearable shades that you can wear to work and mix to create a great evening look. You can find them all here.

Clinique's Almost Lipstick I was most excited about the Almost Lipstick part of this collection. It introduced new shades such as Black Raisin, Black Raspberry and Black Plum. I’ve been wearing Black Plum almost non-stop since I got it. Like many people, since this is a iconic beauty product, I love this product in Black Honey and I was very happy to see new shades in this collection. However, they won’t stick around so stock up on this while you can, that’s what I will be doing. smiley face

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