Spring Beauty: Clinique Juiced Up Collection

Breaking news folks. It *finally* feels like spring in Chicago – at least for a few days. We’re pushing 60 degrees today and it is amazing. I’m totally in the mood for spring beauty, courtesy of Clinique. I am loving the look featured in their spring collection, Juiced Up Beauty. To me, it’s actually very summery. Don’t you think? At least the promo is!

The collection features a beautiful shade of All Over Color and new shades of the Vitamin C Lip Smoothie, but the real standouts for me are the eyes! It feels fresh – a light wash of color, defined brows and lashes.

Juiced Up includes two new  “Fresh Picked” Eye Shadows in Berry and Pear. While I don’t think the colors are particularly unique, I’m totally loving the fruit patterns – especially the Pear! It actually reminds me a little bit of NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Taiga but I think I might like the Pear better. And while I’m at it with NARS comparisons, the creamy shade in Pear reminds me of my beloved NARS Abyssinia. And at $17.50, the Clinique option certainly is more friendly for the wallet.

Clinique also released a new product for brows, the Instant Lift, which houses a two-in-one brow pencil and highlighter to give dimension and precision to your brows. I think this has promise.

Did anything catch your eye in this collection? It’s still on counters if you haven’t had a chance to scout it out!