Turnaround Bright Eyes….Clinique Fall 2010

Clinique is mixing things up a bit this fall with its Bigger, Brighter Eyes in an Instant collection. This is less of a traditional color collection and more of a strategic approach to intensifying the peepers. The centerpiece is a new, limited edition product, High Impact Mascara in Brightening Black, that is clinically-proven to make the whites of the eyes look brighter. It’s a deep inky black with a blue hue, which is the key to the brightening effect, and the High Impact formula is known for giving lashes a full, voluminous look.

Clinique, you’ve sold me. Stay tuned folks. I’m on a mission.

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One Response to “Turnaround Bright Eyes….Clinique Fall 2010”

  1. nicoletta says:

    You’ve sold me too x

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