A Surge of Colour for the Eyes

Given my last experience with Clinique’s eyeshadow, I wouldn’t normally be interested in their eyeshadow but I saw the words “Colour Surge” and remembered how much I like this lipstick.

Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad Clinique’s Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quads come in 6 gorgeous palettes. The one pictured here is Spicy, which is the one I picked up. The quad colors range from nude, tawnie to violet based shades and pictures do not do these shades justice. I tend to reach for matte eyeshadow for everyday wear but the quads in the nude and tawnie ranges would be great as well, the shimmer is not overwelming. I was happy to find that the shadow was well pigmented and blended well, all while leaving a soft shimmer on the eyes. The eyeshadow is soft enough to provide a sheer wash of color and rich enough to really pack on the color for a bolder look, which is fun to do from time to time. This eyeshadow quad certainly meets my eyeshadow criteria. Pigmentation? Check. Texture? Check. Long Lasting? Check.

2 thoughts on “A Surge of Colour for the Eyes”

  1. Clinique isn’t known for their eyeshadows, but I think they’re excellent. Like you noted, the color and texture are great, and on me they last just as long as other brands better known for their eyeshadows. I really liked the Choco-latte quad from the Christmas collection, and I have a pink shadow (Seashell Pink) that I’m despondent over because it’s almost used up.

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