Grow Old Gracefully or Let Science Give You a Helping Hand?

The Ageing Process – Natural vs Cosmetic

Growing old gracefully means something different to everyone. For some, it may be having a certain outlook in life and not allowing yourself to suddenly start acting like a teenager (or too old a person), while for others, it may be about maintaining an active and interesting social life. Whichever group you see yourself in, you can’t avoid the question about whether or not it’s ‘graceful’ to enter your later years having had cosmetic surgery, or whether you’ve wholeheartedly and naturally embraced the signs of ageing whilst still making the most of your life. But what is the best method of embracing the ageing process?

In fact, is one way any better than the other, or is it simply a case of examining what you have underneath and working on it? Whatever the case, one thing is for sure – it’s not a one-size-fits-all question and nobody should be made to feel any less beautiful or acceptable in society for the choices they make.

The Blurred Boundaries of Natural Preservation and Cosmetic Enhancement
It’s a fact of life that people are now living longer than they have in previous decades. Much of this is due to the fact that there is more sound health and nutritional advice coming out of studies made today. Whether or not you’ve paid attention to these findings and developments throughout your life can play a part in determining how your looks manage the transition to your later years – if your lifestyle is one that has been based on reasonably healthy living, your chances of successfully ageing naturally and gracefully (preserving some of the physical character you had in your youth) will be increased. This may be enough of an indicator to help you decide whether you should carry on travelling down the natural road to ageing, or whether you are clearly intent on choosing cosmetic surgery.

With this in mind, it’s important to be realistic about how you’ve lived your life up until now, and to examine whether or not you are considering cosmetic surgery as an easy route to trying to correct things you should have taken care of throughout. For example, a life of poor nutrition and long periods of inactivity require a change to your life that no amount of cosmetic surgery can provide. Indeed, these are issues that you will need to work through carefully before deciding on any type of surgical enhancement. If you don’t look at the process from the ground up, whichever route to ageing you choose will lead to disappointment, heartache, and stress – and that’s enough to give anyone wrinkles! Bear in mind that investing some time in yourself before you rush to go under the knife doesn’t mean that cosmetic surgery can’t be an option for you once you’ve laid the groundwork for more graceful ageing – you may even decide that a combination of both options seems like the most successful route for you.

Does Cosmetic Enhancement always mean Surgery?

It may or may not surprise you that some of the most popular cosmetic enhancements around today are those that don’t require actual surgery. It’s not all about going under the knife for a one stitch facelift and getting breast implants as non-invasive procedures look to be the way forward for the growing number of people who really do want to enhance rather than seriously alter their looks. What’s more, these procedures are relatively inexpensive, and some can be taken up quickly and easily – or reserved for special occasions in your life when you want to really shine! Some of these procedures are as follows:

After a certain amount of negative press, Botox is now as acceptable as having your nails done – and can really alter your confidence levels when you need it. If used frequently, it could put a dent in your pocket, but this is a personal consideration as opposed to a criticism.

Laser Treatments
This type of treatment can make a huge difference to those years of your life when you are likely to be noticing facial hair, spider veins and other signs of ageing. Laser treatment usually consists of a package of treatments but can be well worth the effort.

Chemical Peels
The scale of chemical peels starts at very mild, reaching extremely high levels of visible results – so there’s bound to be a peel that suits everyone. Age spots, lines and acne, as well as tone and texture of the skin can all be improved by a chemical peel procedure. 

Perhaps it’s also worth noting that none of these procedures require any overnight stays or down-times in general – and they can significantly improve your confidence as well as your looks.

Don’t Tie Yourself up in Knots!
Today, choice is everything. Whether it be the choice to embrace the physical changes to your looks over time, or to use the many wonderful methods of enhancement and preservation available, you will know whether or not this is right for you.

It’s true that society places a great deal of pressure on (especially) women to ‘keep young and beautiful’, but does ageing naturally and gracefully mean that you are any less beautiful? It must surely be down to the attitude and outlook of the person. On the other hand, could that little bit of enhancement be the catalyst for your renewed sense of vigour and spring in your step? Whatever you decide to do to ensure your own contentment in your later years, what matters is that you enjoy what you are doing – this will ultimately lead to a better chance of happiness and the means to embrace whatever way of life you choose for yourself.

The article was produced by Ed Beardsell, a specialist cosmetic surgery writer who works for the cosmetic surgery comparison website Clinic Compare.

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  1. I know it sounds trite, but I really do think it’s a decision every person has to make for themselves. Ultimately, you are the person who has to live in your body and, regardless of what others may think, you have the right to do what makes you feel good about yourself – whether that means embracing surgery and/or other procedures or rejecting all of them entirely.

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