Clean and Easy's Facial Waxer

I have a bit of a weakness for waxing kits. Like my obsession with lip stains, I tend to try out new waxing kits whenever I see them. When I saw Clean & Easy’s Facial Waxer, it seemed like a really easy way to take care of my needs… and just maybe I could stop buying those stupid wooden popsicle sticks.


At first, the Clean & Easy’s Facial Waxer looks like a great system… for about $15 you get 2 vials of wax, strips, an after waxing treatment and a wax warmer that plugs into any outlet and heats your wax up in 15 minutes. This would even be easy to travel with but what appealed to me was the roll-on cap you add to the vial of wax. Wouldn’t it be nice if waxing was as easy as rolling on some wax? That doesn’t happen with this product.

When put to use, unfortunately this product turned out to be more of an inconvenience that I thought it would be. I was expecting to be able to use the wax in just 15 minutes but really, it took twice as long for the wax to warm up to a consistency that would spread well. As soon as I started trying to apply the wax, I knew I was in trouble. The wax would jamb up the wheel in the roll-on tip or it would get stuck on an area I had already applied wax to. It was only a matter of minutes before I got frustrated and gave up. Then came removing the wax, the strips included with the Clean & Easy’s Facial Waxer barely stuck to the wax.

For all I know, the wax may have been great but the frustration with everything else is hard to overlook. Bottom line? It looks like I’m back to wooden popsicle sticks and my beloved Poetic Waxing kit.

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