Review: Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System

I’m a very results-oriented person. Otherwise known as impatient. Perhaps a little high-strung. And definitely difficult to please. So in testing the Clarisonic Opal, I was expecting big things…right from the start. I had confidence in the product because I am crazy in love with the Clarisonic (my girl Clare!), but the cynic in me was scoffing a bit at the $245 price tag for Opal and her $100 refills.

Before I reveal my opinion, let me tell you more about Opal. We know about sonic cleansing technology from the Clarisonic, but Opal uses sonic infusion technology to gently infuse anti-aging sea serum into the epidermis. The serum, filled with marine extracts and botanicals, was designed with sonic infusion technology in mind. I encourage you to read up on it if knowing the science is important to you. I found it very interesting. It’s always a good idea to know what you’re infusing into the most delicate area of your face!

Clinical studies revealed many benefits:

  • An immediate reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – results last for hours and build over time
  • Younger looking skin
  • Skin appears refreshed and energized, brighter and healthier
  • Improved skin texture and noticeably firmer skin
  • Increased skin hydration

Now I can’t speak to every benefit here as I don’t have wrinkles around the eyes, but I think the Opal delivers on all counts.  The very first time I used it I noticed that the area around my eye was visibly brighter. I even tested it on my husband, who has a line or two. He looked brighter too, but alas, I’m not sharing the Opal with him. 🙂

Dare I say this product is a bit addictive? While Clarisonic did furnish us with a sample, I know at some time I’ll have to purchase new dispensers (each pack comes with two). I love the part of my day that I use this, it’s such a recharge. Almost like a jolt of caffeine. I use it in the evening, on a clean face, but you can use the Opal with makeup on at any time of the day. It’s not intended to be directly used under the eye, more or less around the bone that frames your sockets and around the eye contour eye.  Trust me when I say you’ll know when you’ve gotten too close to the undereye area.

Clearly, this is another huge win for Clarisonic. I think that women with mature skin should consider using the Opal – it’s like a visit to the dermatologist, just with no fillers. Those at a younger age shouldn’t write this off though. I think there are many benefits beyond reducing wrinkles, but it’s definitely a splurge.

Let us know if you have any Opal questions, happy to answer them!

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  1. Woohoo! Sounds like Clare and her friend Opal are providing you with a fabulously sonerific skin care regimen. As always, if you or any of your readers have any questions we are happy to answer them too. Find us on Twitter @Clarisonic or via email Enjoy all the benefits that sonic technology has to offer! PS, if the hubby needs one of his own Christmas is just around the corner! 😉

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