Red Carpet Beauty: Claire Danes at the SAG Awards

claire-danes-sag-awards Tonight is the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards and I was browsing around at images from the red carpet and immediately one actress stood out to me, Claire Danes… she looks stunning.

To me, Claire Danes is like a fine wine. She keeps getting better with age. She’s no longer that teenager that pined away for Jordan Catalano years ago. She always looks polished and pulled together. Her look tonight just seems so graceful. I’m not wild about the dress but it does work overall. Claire’s makeup and hair compliment the dress well and everything looks good together. It’s simple yet she looks gorgeous and elegant.

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One thought on “Red Carpet Beauty: Claire Danes at the SAG Awards”

  1. i think she look breathless… yep..i agree she keep looking better… with the colour of the dress and the make-up n hair she looks drop dead gorgeous…beautiful..

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