China Glaze Islands Escape Collection Swatches

From Left to Right: Senorita Bonita, 108 Degrees, Blue Iguana, Papaya Punch and Electric Pineapple

I was working on organizing my nail polish stash when I found the China Glaze Islands Escape collection and immediately regretted not playing with it sooner. It is packed with bold shades that are perfect for summer. It has the “it” orange shade of the moment and a few other fun shades that I have grown to love. Now that I really am dying to wear these shades, I do not have nails to speak of.

Until my nails are back to a more presentable, nail polish worthy state, I’ll be showing you some swatches on these nifty color wheels. This still gives me a feel for the formula and honestly, it is nice applying color on a “nail” that you don’t have to worry about a about a clean application with. 🙂

The only shade not shown here is Cha Cha Cha, I don’t think I received it. I searched high and low for it and could not find it, otherwise I would have shown it here. Before I even saw the collection in person, I knew my heart would be beating for Electric Pineapple and it did not disappoint me. There was no cuticle drag or unevenness to speak of, 2 coats and I had the color I wanted on my “nail”. The same is true for every shade shown here.

Now my other favorites have grown to include Senorita Bonita and Papaya Punch. Papaya Punch is perfectly on trend for the season and seems to stands out from the orange it crowd. It has more yellow in it than the other oranges we’ve seen lately. My only gripe is that this shade seems to stain a bit, I tried it on before my nail disaster and this shade was a little harder to remove.

Have you tried the Island Escape collection yet? What shades are you loving? You can find the collection in stores now.

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