Just Another Mani Monday: China Glaze I'm Not a Lion

This week’s mani was very overdue! Whenever I take a trip, I have a ritual I perform; get the eyebrows done, make sure hair is properly colored and cut then of course the mandatory mani/pedi. That didn’t happen this time and I left for New York last week without doing my nails and toes properly manicured… the horror! I kept meaning for it to get done but it just never happened even though I was carrying this shade from the China Glaze On Safari collection with me everywhere I went. Now my nails are glistening with glitter.

China Glaze’s I’m Not a Lion is a gold glitter with lots of micro gold and silver glitter thrown in. This is the exact kind of glitter polish that I love, two coats of I’m Not a Lion and you are completely covered, no messing around with three or four coats to try and build your mani to bottle color – just two coats and you’re there. Why can’t more glitters be like this? The formula gets a little thick during application, at least in my bottle it did, but it helps pack on the glitter so I don’t mind that at all. This shade dries quickly lacking a little bit of its luster in the bottle but a glossy top coat restores the shade’s sparkle.

What’s on your nails this week? I have to admit, I am loving this glitter. I haven’t worn a glitter like this in a long time. Do you have next week’s mani all planned out? I’m thinking I might try water marbling. Let’s discuss this in the comments. 🙂

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