New! China Glaze Crackle

If you missed out on the OPI Crackle phenomenon, fear not! China Glaze kicks it up a notch with their new Crackle collection of polishes. Where OPI gave us 1 shade, this new China Glaze collection introduces 6 shades of polish to create an edge new look on your nails. The shades in this collection include:

  • Lightning Bolt – white crackle
  • Black Mesh – black crackle
  • Broken Hearted – pink crackle
  • Cracked Concrete – grey crackle
  • Fault Line – purple crackle
  • Crushed Candy – teal crackle

This works by applying the Crackle shade as a top coat over the color base of your choosing, either 1 or 2 coats. Then apply a thin layer of your Crackle shade over the top and within 5 minutes, the crackled look is completely formed. You can go over it with a top coat to seal the crackle in. You can find this collection in stores this month.

I’m happy that China Glaze gave us options, as opposed to OPI’s 1 shade, but really wish there was a gold or silver in the mix. That may be easily resolved though. As soon as I get my hands on some Crackle, I will definitely be experimenting. Will you be picking up a bottle or two? Are you on-board the Crackle train?

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