CHI Smart Volumizing Styling Iron & Sarah Potempa BEACHWAVER Rotating Curling Iron


Finally, we come to the CHI Smart Volumizing Styling Iron and Sarah Potempa Beachwaver Rotating Curling Iron part of our Best Hair Tools test drive for the QVC Customer's Choice Beauty Awards. Voting ends tonight so if you're a fan of any of the products we've covered today, show the brands some love and vote. The winners will be revealed online throughout the day on October 17 and on air during a special show from 9pm–Midnight ET. A lot of my favorites are nominated, are yours?

A styling iron is just an essential these days and CHI is one of the best brands on the market making flat irons, they are one of the originals. A CHI is iconic really, I remember a CHI styling iron being a tool that only stylists had because they were so expensive. Thankfully they are accessible to everyone thanks to a more affordable price tag… and the occasional Easy Pay offer on QVC. Then we have a new twist on the traditional curling iron, one that makes curling your hair less of a challenging task. I say this being one of those women who has always struggled with curling my hair and making it look GOOD. Now beach worthy waves are easier than ever.

Kayla was the designated driver for the CHI Smart Volumizing Styling Iron test. She says it felt like it was truly straightening her hair and giving her better, higher quality results in half the time.The plates heat up in a record 30 seconds, faster than any iron we've tried before. Forget wasting time waiting for it to heat up, this can be on and ready in 30 seconds for those out the door touch ups. It also has custom heat settings where you can choose what temperature you want your iron. Typically, thinner, easier to style hair can get away with the heat around the low to mid 300s, but for our thick hair sisters, this heats up to a wopping 410 degrees.

It's stylish and sleek with a simple, yet cute design. It's the type of tool you wouldn't mind keeping on your vanity for everyone to see but still extremely easy to store. It comes with its own heat proof storage pouch which is perfect for traveling or safe storage. Another perk that more hair tool companies should do and we love that we are seeing more of this now especially with all the nominees we've covered today, is including hair clips. Three large hair clips were included to section off your hair and they hold a fairly large amount of hair. This is an investment but worthwhile if you're in the market for a quality flat iron. It's the type of tool that truly performs how you'd expect it to.

The Sarah Potempa Beachwaver is a curling iron for the curling iron challenged, I say this because it's a styling tool that does all of the work for you. I've always had trouble figuring out what direction to curl my hair in, where to position the curling iron to get the kind of curl I want and all that jazz. With the Beachwaver it is amazingly simple. Choose the temperature on your Beach Waver, up to 450 degrees, and it quickly warms up and is ready to go. Clip the tool on at the end of the section of hair you want to curl and pick the Left or the Right button and the iron does all of the work for you. The addition of sectioning clips and a detangling comb is a nice add-on, no one wants a tangled mess of waves on their head. 🙂

I'm not going to sugar coat this, it is slightly alarming at first when the iron starts rotating and wrapping your section of hair around it just because you're not use to it. You just have to remember that you control the curling iron, releasing a button quickly stops the curling iron from rotating. Then you get use to it and before long, you're in love with the effortless results it gives you and you're a goner. It's Beachwaver love and you're in it for the long haul. As new Sarah Potempa fans, we can't wait to see what she does next.

Have you tried either of these irons, the CHI Styling Iron or Sarah Potempa Beachwaver? I want to know what you think about them, leave a comment so we can discuss this important topic.

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