Spring Time with Chanel

For me, it’s hard to stray from my go to colors in the winter… more warm, neutral shades. Chanel’s new collection is steering us towards cooler shades for the upcoming spring season with shades of blue, soft pinks and iridescent whites.

Chanel's Spring 2008 Collection

This spring collection has quite a few gems in it. Here’s what it includes:

As always, I do have my favorites in this collection. I always flip out over the nail color in their collections and this one is no different. While Blue Satin may be all the rage right now, I have to say that I really gravitated towards White Satin and Rose Satin more than the other shades, not to say that they aren’t gorgeous though… especially Azur, you could have a lot of fun layering with that shade.

Chanel White Satin Nail Colour I find White Satin and Rose Satin to be a bit more everyday-wear friendly than Blue Satin. White Satin is a great neutral shade if you’re looking for a pale white. Don’t worry, it’s not like using White-Out on your nails, I don’t think Chanel would ever do that to us. Then Rose Satin is just a very pretty, soft pink. It’s really quite beautiful. I was never into wearing light pink on my nails and this shade has inspired me to start stepping away from my beloved reds.

Chanel Enchanteresse Powder BlushI also really like the Powder Blushes in this collection. Enchanteresse is a great combination of blush and bronzer in one for my skin tone and it doesn’t leave me looking too flushed. Then you have Luna, a white powder highlighter. I love it because it leaves behind a very fine shimmer and the pigment in the powder is just right. It’s got just the right amount so you can building an the application if you need to. I tend to be a little heavy handed with highlighters so this is a good thing for me. I can start small and work my way up.

Karen at the Makeup and Beauty Blog has some great swatches posted as well as a gorgeous FOTD using these shades you can check out.