Lipstick Perfection: Chanel Rouge Coco

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick has so many positive attributes.  Before you even use it, it’s love. From the chic “Chanel” embossed on the lipstick to the luxe packaging. But beyond aesthetics is a high quality lipstick. It’s moisturizing for a lipstick, soft and smooth upon application, which is exactly what it is supposed to happen according to Chanel. I find that one swipe of color is a perfect amount, but a few more helps intensify the color.

I’ve been wearing these shades show above, Legende (top) and La Pausa (bottom). These swatches are just one swipe of color, and La Pausa is definitely the sheerer of the two. I love them both though – they look fresh and sexy. La Pausa is quite possibly the most flattering coral shade I’ve ever worn. I find myself reaching for these over a gloss, which is a sign that it’s a major win!

In total, there are 30 shades across four color families. If you want to splurge on a lipstick – and it’s definitely a splurge at $30 – there’s at least one shade that will be perfect for you. And, we’re getting three new, also permanent, Rouge Coco’s with the Chanel fall makeup collection coming soon. What’s your perspective on the Rouge Coco’s? Have you splurged? Or found your “perfect” shade? Let us know!

Disclosure: We received a sample of these lipsticks.

2 thoughts on “Lipstick Perfection: Chanel Rouge Coco”

  1. Hi! I have splurged on 2 Rouge Coco l/s but I don’t find them as moisturizing as Rouge Allure lipsticks, but they are longer lasting. The 2 you got are BEAUTIFUL! I bet you look awesome in them!

  2. I love the Rouge coco lipsticks! The colors are absolutely gorgeous. IMO, the best lipsticks of all time 🙂

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