Duty Free Beauty: Chanel’s Fly High Travel Makeup Palette

Last but not least is the Chanel Fly High Travel Makeup Palette. It’s not quite the everyday workhorse that the Lancome Naturelle Seduction palette is but it’s still gorgeous. It was also a case of love at first sight with this one. I spotted it in the duty free catalog on board the flight from Houston to Paris but it wasn’t until my return trip home that I picked it up in the Paris airport duty free shop.

Chanel Fly High Travel Makeup Palette

For $47 Euros (roughly $60 US at the time), this palette seems to have the most product out of the three. It has 4 eyeshadows, 1 blush, 2 glosses and 2 lipstick shades. This palette has 2 different tones it allowing you to create a few different looks. The right side of the palette features pink-based shades while the left side features more neutral shades. The 1 blush in the middle has just the right amount of pink in to so that it works with either look you create.

The eyeshadows, what I really go for in palettes, are what you what would expect from Chanel. They are soft to the touch and blend beautifully. No chunky shimmer particles or disappointment here. The other nice thing about the Chanel Fly High Travel Makeup Palette that outdoes all of the other palettes is that it gives you somewhat sturdier tools to work with if you didn’t have a brush handy. The applicators are longer and easier to work with in comparison to your average compact applicators. The cover for the palette even includes little pockets for the applicators. How cute is that?