Obsessing Over Chanel Epatant Illusion d' Ombre

We haven’t talked too much Chanel lately, but we’ve sure been wearing our share. I’m having a major fall obsession with Chanel Illusion d’ Ombre in Epatant. I have worn this everywhere lately. To work, on date night and even to the Justin Bieber concert. You better beliebe it. Epatant is a complicated color but beyond simple to perfect on the eyes. Is it green? gold? silver? grey? Yes, yes, yes and yes. On my eyes it’s a blend of all of those shades with the most sophisticated touch of sparkle. The texture is bouncy and powdery and it wears iron clad on the lids all day (with a primer but odds are even good without).

Chanel Epatant swatched lightly and heavily

While fingertips will work just fine, I prefer to use a fluffy brush to sweep Epatant on my lids. Just a light amount is glowy and dainty and it can be built up more intensely, which I love. Total day to night options at your disposal. While we’re on the subject of amazing complex green eyeshadowss I need to give an honorable mention to NARS Vent Glace, which I think started my fall craving for this shade. Vent Glace and Epatant look stellar together for a more intense green look.

3 thoughts on “Obsessing Over Chanel Epatant Illusion d' Ombre”

  1. It’s funny that you talk about your love affair with this color. For me, it was dashing at first site. In the department store where I first saw it, the lighting made it appear this beautiful rusty gold almost. I purchase, ripped open the package at home, and discovered it was even more complex than that!

    My only dismay is the staying power. I find that it does crease on me regardless of primer or not. I’ve rarely had shadows crease on me, as I do not have oily lids, but with this gorgeous color I don’t even stop to worry.

    This color I will wear, crease or no. Love. True Love.

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