Chanel's New Palettes

Ever since I was so kindly given the chance to try Chanel’s products, I have developed a soft spot for the line’s new offerings. This product is no exception, I am already lusting after it… hardcore.

Chanel's New Multi-Use Makeup Palettes The Collection Essentielle de Chanel are two new makeup palettes that include the line’s best selling and exclusive shades. Each one contains four eyeshadows, two lipsticks, two lipglosses and one blush. It comes in two color families: Naturelle Soleil which is a collection of pink and neutral tones and Lumiere Soleil which includes shimmering bronze tones. You can see both palettes here up close and personal.

The palettes are $85 and while it is a hefty sum of money, I have loved the quality of the eyeshadows, blush and lip color from Chanel so I will definitely be picking up Soleil Naturel… I’m going for the neutrals so I have a reason to use it as much as possible. smile

We’ll have more from Chanel during the rest of the week!