I know it’s been awhile since a new podcast episode has come out but there will be one soon. The technical difficulties I experienced are now resolved and I’m hoping to release a new episode next week, hopefully on Monday. I will be releasing new podcast episodes on Monday now, I don’t know why I thought Friday would be better. smile

Also, I am making some changes with Product Girl this week. I am moving the blog to a different server but before I actually “flip the switch”, I will be mirroring content on both servers so there will not be any downtime. If you experience any difficulty, please keep in mind this blog will be in transition during that time. I will post and update once I actually complete the change. When the blog comes back, I plan on coming back bigger and better than before. I apologize, I’ve been in a funk lately but I’m coming out of it and there’s a lot of stuff I want to talk about. Not to mention the great posts from Colleen and Ashley, more of those are on the way.

Finally, I would love for more people to come aboard and help contribute to Product Girl. If you’re interested in posting or contributing to the podcast, please or leave a comment on this entry. We would love to hear from you.

5 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Changes”

  1. Hi Carla – I just recently found your podcast/blog. I’m a nut for beauty products and would love to contribute. I do have my own podcast, but it is on project management … not quite as fun of a topic as make up! 🙂

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