Beauty VIP of the Week: Caudalie Grape Water

I meant to post this on Friday but after moving this weekend and being hacked (twice!), last week’s Beauty VIP of the Week is being posted today. 🙂

After spending practically an entire weekend in the pool and in the sun without proper SPF, guess what happened to me weekend before last? I got sunburned… I didn’t follow all of tips from Mario Badescu’s Do’s and Don’ts but I followed some of them. This is how red I got. Upon seeing this tweet, Caudalie (follow them on Twitter) graciously offered to send me a bottle of their Grape Water to soothe my skin. I’m so glad they did because now I’m kind of obsessed with it.

Caudalie Grape Water is plant based, the water is extracted from grapes during harvest and it moisturizes and tones skin with each spritz. It has that signature Caudalie scent reminiscent of brown sugar and it’s very calming and soothing on the skin. I can almost feel my face relax and say “ahhh” every time I use it. It is different from their Beauty Elixir as it does not contain oils and extracts. You don’t need to pat it dry, just spray it on and let it sink in.

You have to love Twitter, if I didn’t tweet about my sunburn, I would have never tried this product.