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11 Celebrity Perfumes That Don't Suck

11 Celebrity Perfumes That Don't Suck
This is a perfume article.


We’re fully aware there are few things in this world tackier than celebrity perfumes. But with one whiff of these ones, we were in love. Sure they don’t have the prestige of a Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana, but we can’t help but love the way these scents make us smell. See our favorite celeb perfume we’re embarrassed to love, but do.

See the 11 perfumes we love to wear but will never display on our vanities!

Best and Worst Celebrity-Endorsed Fragrances
Best and Worst Celebrity-Endorsed Fragrances

Find out which perfumes Total Beauty readers love to breathe in and which ones make them hold their noses

Best and Worst Celebrity-Endorsed Fragrances

This is a perfume article

Our readers give you the inside scoop on the best and worst celebrity fragrances — saving you the hassle of trying on boatloads of perfumes to the point of confusing your senses.

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The Worst: No. 3: White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor Parfum, $100 average reader rating: 6.4

“It’s like granny perfume that has been sitting on the dresser for 40 years …”

The Best: No. 7: Baby Phat Goddess Eau de Toilette, $29.99 average reader rating: 8

“I think I’ve found a new favorite scent …”

No. 6: Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe Eau de Parfum Spray, $39.99 average reader rating: 8.7

“I wear this almost every day now …”

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Total Beauty 10 Top-Rated Facial Firming Beauty Products

See which skin care products boast anti-aging benefits like more youthful looking skin

10 Top-Rated Facial Firming Beauty Products

This is a anti aging skin care article

Check out the facial firming products that did smoothing-and-firming wonders for Total Beauty readers.

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No. 10: Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Creme SPF 15 for Dry Skin, $70 average reader rating: 7.9

“It helps my face and under eyes feel tighter …”

No. 9: St. Ives Blue Clay Firming Mask, $4.99 average reader rating: 8

“It really does firm your face …”

No. 8: Olay Night of Olay Firming Cream, $6.99 average reader rating: 8.5

“Honestly, I believe this product helps keep your skin looking younger …”

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The Best Color-Safe Shampoos

These 14 hair products are the cream of crop when it comes to saving your color

The Best Color-Safe Shampoos

This is a hair care article

Our readers tested tons of color-protecting shampoos, including ones for specific hair hues, and this list showcases only the products that won’t send your color (and dollars) down the drain.

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No. 14: TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo, $21.99 average reader rating: 8.3

“I highlight my hair a light blonde every 6-8 weeks and the condition of my hair has improved since …”

No. 13: Pantene Pro-V Red Expressions Shampoo, Color Enhancing, Auburn to Burgundy, $6.47 average reader rating: 8.3

“It keeps my color red and vibrant and never …”

No. 12: John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Daily Shampoo with Light Enhancers, $6.49 average reader rating: 8.4

“This is the best shampoo I have ever used in my entire life …”

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9 Best Self-Tanning Tools
9 Best Self-Tanning Tools

Get your sexy, summer tan on — the sunless way

9 Best Self-Tanning Tools

This is a skin care products article

Total Beauty readers give these self-tanning lotions and potions a tanned thumbs up.

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No. 9: Aveeno Continuous Radiance Moisturizing Lotion, $11.99 average reader rating: 8

“It adds a nice sun-kissed glow without streaks or an orange cast …”

No. 8: Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Shade to Order, $18.50 average reader rating: 8.1

“Best of the best tanners out there …”

No. 7: L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Any Angle Self-Tanning Spray, $9.99 average reader rating: 8.2

“It is the easiest self tanner I’ve ever tried …”

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Put Your Best Face Forward With One of These Top-Rated Sunscreens

Keep your face protected with one of these reader-approved sublocks

Put Your Best Face Forward With One of These Top-Rated Sunscreens

This is a skin care article

Think you can’t wear sunscreen on your face without it being an oil orgy? Think again. These facial sunscreens won’t make you look greasy and even allow you to wear makeup under or over ’em.

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No. 11: Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 30, $30 average reader rating: 8.3

“SPF in a snap …”

No. 10: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Age Shield Sunblock, $9.99 average reader rating: 8.7

“It does not make my oily skin feel greasy at all …”

No. 9: DDF Enhancing Sun Protection SPF 30, $30 average reader rating: 8.7

“I skip my foundation when I wear this …”

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Total Beauty Total Cure Giveaway

Total Beauty Total Cure

This weekend is Product Girl’s turn to host a giveway for the Total Beauty Total Cure campaign and we’re excited about it because it’s a really good giveaway! Not only are we giving away a Clarisonic Yours and Mine Limited Edition set but we’re also giving away a My Flat in London pink nylon Scottie Slouchy handbag. That’s a $645 value!

Clarisonic Yours and Mine Set My Flat in London Pink Nylon Scottie Slouchy Bag

Along with the My Flat in London pink nylon Scottie Slouchy handbag, the Clarisonic Yours and Mine Limited Edition set features the pink and gray Clarisonic brushes, one sensitive brush head, one normal brush head, two 1 oz. Gentle Hydro Cleansers, two 1 oz. Refreshing Gel Cleansers, two 1 oz. Nourishing Care Cleansers and two charging cradles.

To enter, just complete the form below from now until Sunday night for a chance to win. Please note that submitting a comment does not enter you in the giveaway but comments are always appreciated. Good luck!

To Paris and Back

I’m back! Did anyone miss me? I really did intend on updating Product Girl while I was gone but unfortunately our wifi access in our apartment was very limited. I swear that I do have good intentions when I say things here, it’s just that sometimes the problem is following through on them. 🙂

Paris Statue

I had a fantastic time in Paris and the ladies who accompanied me are amazing. I shared an apartment with Julia from All About the Pretty, Cailin from The Beauty Bunny and Nadine from Jolie Nadine. Then Erika from Makeup Bag, Christine from 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic, Tammy from A Mom in Red High Heels and Kristen from Total Beauty stayed in the other apartment. It was a privileg to spend time with them and I can’t wait until I can see them again… I think a trip to New York’s Fashion Week in February may be in order now.

Aside from an obsession with beauty products, I love old architecture and statues, and of course Paris has all this in spades. I was in love with all of the buildings and statues that I saw. At times, I had a hard time believing I was actually there and was in awe that I was standing somewhere with a history much longer than the city I live in.

I had some great experiences in Paris. I experienced my first facial (at a Clarins Spa no less), attended a beauty industry professional event representing Product Girl, had the best meal of my life at Chez L’Ami Jean and saw the Eiffel Tower with my own eyes. For the rest of the week I will be sharing some more of my experiences in Paris as well as some of my beauty buys.

Think Pink in October

Total Beauty Total Cure October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and in an effort to raise awareness to the cause, some Total Beauty bloggers have come together and started the Total Beauty Total Cure campaign. Visit our MySpace and Facebook profiles and while you’re there, study up on the facts.

One of those facts can help you enter to win a prize in one of our many giveaways. You can find a calendar of those giveaways here. We have some amazing giveaways planned for every day of the work week, from a Clarisonic brush (check back here for that giveaway on the 8th) and many other prizes from lines like NARS, Benefit, Cargo and much much more.

In addition to featuring “pink” products during the month of October, products that will be donating a portion of their proceeds to charity, we will also be raising money to personally donate to the Breast Cancer Research Fund on behalf of Product Girl readers. Want to chip in? Use the Donate button below to contribute.

Follow us on Twitter for daily updates!

I’m Going to Paris!

Total Beauty Paris Trip Remember that L’Oreal Feria party I talked about last month? Total Beauty held a contest and is taking 3 bloggers who particpated to Paris with them and I’m one of them!

The three were chosen by the number of votes their before and after photos received. When I was told I won a trip to Paris, I was in complete shock because I am not that person… I’m not the girl who wins things like this. That shock has continued into the next day. 🙂 I am very excited even though I briefly thought of turning it down (hey, I’m shy!) but it’s the chance of a lifetime and I can’t pass that up… plus I get to meet fellow beauty bloggers that I’ve been talking to for a few years including the lovely Julia from All About the Pretty and Cailin from The Beauty Bunny, who also won the contest.

I leave next Thursday, October 2nd and I come back on Wednesday, October 8th. Considering I’ll be turning the big 3-0 on the 23rd, this makes a fantastic birthday gift! I do plan to continue blogging from Paris, I’m bringing my laptop, camera and my Flip video camera so there will be lots to see while I’m gone. Thank you to everyone who voted and helped get me to Paris!