New! Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation


Stop the presses! My mind was blown this weekend when I discovered that the fine folks at Clarisonic were releasing a new tool, the Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation. I’ve struggled with dry, cracked heels for years now and I have tried almost every single foot file out there, even splurging on the infamous Dimancel files, and countless cracked heel creams.  It wasn’t until I tried a prescription foot cream that I was finally able to gain the upper hand in my pedi situation. This tool piques my interest and gives me hope that I can keep the upper hand in my pedi situation. Good thing sandal weather is coming to a close!

The set retails for $199 and includes:

  • White Pedi Device
  • Pedi Smoothing Disc
  • Pedi Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head
  • Pedi-Buff Sonic Foot Smoothing Treatment (6 oz.)
  • Pedi-Balm Sonic Foot Softening Treatment (3.5 oz.)
  • Pedi-Boost Sonic Foot Renewal Treatment (1 oz.)
  • USB-Enabled Universal Voltage pLink® Charger

The device has 3 speeds, an adjustable time and is safe for use in the shower or the bathtub. The device itself is intriguing but what I am interested in is the treatments. The smoothing treatment features lactic acid, the same ingredient found in some of my favorite foot creams, as well alpha hydroxy acids to help slough away dead skin. The softening treatment is all about hydrating those poor tired feet with shea butter, apricot oil and honey. The renewing peel treatment goes a step further to get rid of dead skin cells with a lactic and glycolic acid combo. This is all music to my ears, I kid you not.

For the time being, the Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation is available exclusively online. I have a birthday coming up, I think my family should pay attention! 😉 Are you intrigued?


New NARS Limited Edition Palettes & Brush Set

This new NARS New Wave palette makes my heart skip a beat. I saw it when I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Francois Nars a few months and it is just gorgeous. It’s bold, in your face and just a bit R Rated… that’s due to the shimmering chartreuse shade that makes up half of the duo by the same name. I wasn’t able to pick it up then but luckily the stars aligned and now I can! This new palette features bold and iconic shades from NARS while the other palette includes six of their top-selling shades.

Here’s what’s in the New Wave palette:

  • Pandora – Sheer white shimmer
  • Jolie Poupée – Vibrant violet
  • Rated R – Shimmering chartreuse
  • Outremer – Bright true blue
  • Pandora – Matte black
  • Daphne – Matte deep violet

Keep reading for more on the other palette and brush set…

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Two Brush Musts from the Everyday Minerals Brushes Vegan Brush Collection


Brushes are kind of everything in makeup. While we often use our fingers to blend tinted moisturizer and cream blush or dab cream eyeshadow on with our fingers, we love our tools. Our combined collection of brushes is admittedly ridiculous. What can we say? The thrill of finding that perfect blush to contour or achieve the perfect smoky eye is exciting. In this case, the thrill is not in the chase, but the find. We switch up our products often, but the brushes are the constant. New to my brush family are some very exciting, and interestingly shaped, brushes from Everyday Minerals. The best part? They range in price from 7.99 to $22.99, so quality at a price that doesn’t make you cringe. Regardless of my passion for brushes, it was painful to shell out the dough for the NARS Yachiyo.

There’s two in particular that WOWed me and changed my routine for the better. They’re not just in the brush roll —- they live in my makeup kit! The ITAHAKE Brush is everything for contouring (and BONUS: it’s like a budget-friendly version of the NARS Ita brush!) and the Eye Kabuki Brush that I actually use for buffing concealer under the eye and the face. You may see a brush like the ITAHAKE and think how will that work? I prefer it for contouring with bronzer under the cheekbone and around the hairline. It places it in just the right spots and it blends and buffs well, too. The Eye Kabuki is originally intended for applying light color all over the lid, but it’s a champ at airbrushing concealer. Eye Kabuki + Tarte Maracuja Concealer = the secret to looking awake and refreshed.

Both of these brushes will only set you back about $20 (for both), and it is well worth it!

More info on the rest of the Everyday Minerals Vegan Brush Collection here.

Beauty VIP of the Week: Make Up For Ever 5N Eye Shadow Brush

The right tools make all the difference, and Make Up For Ever’s Eye Shadow Brush “5N” is proof of that. After some less than stellar finger applications with cream shadows, I randomly picked up this brush from my bin because I liked the shape. The nylon bristles and slightly tapered tip make this brush ideal for blending in small areas. It is absolutely the BEST brush ever for applying cream eye shadows. It’s firm but flexible, and the bristles are the right density so you don’t lay down too much color in one place. And because it’s flexible, you can use this to blend out color in the crease.

I used this with a few different eye shadows and fomulations this week, and said to myself every day, why did I now just start using this brush? Now that I’ve discovered it, it’s my go-to. It’s great with the Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams, naturally, and I find that it worked really well with the new MAC In Extra Dimension eyeshadows which have a unique creamy powder formula (more on that later!)

You can snag the 5N here for $22.

Meet Your New BFF: Q-tips Precision Tips


Q-tips are one of the greatest inventions, ever. I use them every day.  I always have a full box of back-up box in the event I run out. It’s just like toilet paper. You only have to run out once (without back-up) to never let that happen again. Total necessity, guys.

My obsessive need for Q-tips has reached a new level with the new Q-tips Precision Tips. It’s opened a whole new world of function, especially in the beauty routine, with the dual-ended tapered tip. The question isn’t what can you do with these, but rather, what can’t you do? Seriously, a box of these belongs in every room of the house. At least every bathroom!

The Top 10 Ways I Get My Q-tip Precision Tip On:

The "Kitten" Eye, ala Precision Tip
  1. Extending my eyeliner into a perfect “kitten” eye. It’s like the juniors version of a cat eye. I extend my eyeliner out just a bit and use the Precision Tip to clean it up and taper it out.
  2. Brow tamer. Dab a little balm (I like One Love Organics Skin Savior) on the edge and tame away strays.
  3. Applicator. It can fill in in a pinch for eyeshadow, concealer, pot of lip gloss (I hate sticking my fingers in pots of gloss!)
  4. Smoky-eye enabler. This tapered end makes it easier to blend eyeliner out around the rims. Plus, it’s disposable so if you’re traveling and don’t want to pack all of your brushes, this works great. AND…you can just toss and go.
  5. Lipstick helper. I’m terrible about using a lip brush. I prefer to apply and clean up after. Usually I can get it perfect —- and when I can’t, I use these. Also nice to touch-up in the corners of the mouth which can build up with product.
  6. DIY Mani-Pedi. Dampen the end of the Precision Tip with nail polish remover and erasing mistakes is easy as pie. This might be favorite use for these!
  7. Blemish buster. Break the habit of using your fingers to apply acne spot treatment and use a Q-tip instead. If you do this on the go, use the other end to dab a concealer on the blemish. The pointed edge makes it easy to target.
  8. To clean the computer. These are perfect for cleaning my laptop keyboard and getting in between the keys.
  9. Duster. While the Keurig brews or I wait for my bagel to toast, I use these to clean. My baseboards have never looked better.
  10. For the poochie. I have a Boston Terrier. She has crevices. I use these to clean in and around her adorable face wrinkles!

Bonus tip: Stash these in your makeup bag in your purse (I use the Target brand to-go q-tip case and refill it). If you need these for any of the above on the go, you’ll be glad you have them. And, if your eyeshadow creases or mascara transfers, I like to use these instead of my fingers to prevent the spread of bacteria from your fingers to your face. 

Any uses of your own to share? For more tips, check out Q-tips on Facebook.

Disclosure: I was provided with Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swabs, a $25 American Express gift card and information about the product by Rocket XL. All opinions are 100% my own.

Exclusive TRIA Promotion for Product Girl Readers

Based on the response from my last TRIA update, many of you are interested in living life shave-free. And based on my progress, the TRIA is a means to that end. It’s simple, pain-free…but an investment, yet. The folks at TRIA were also thrilled to hear that so many of you are considering giving the device a try, so they’re offering Product Girl readers a special promotion this month!

Starting today, March 5, through March 19, TRIA is offering $50 off the TRIA Hair Removal Laser with code PRODUCTGIRL at checkout at

Get it girls!

Also, if you want to read about my experience with TRIA, click here.

Note: I’m participating in a six-month review of the TRIA. I’m not being compensated in any way for this post, or if you purchase this device.

Valentine's Day Beauty to Heart

 In honor of cupid’s big day, we pulled together a list of pink, red and girly all over beauty goodies. Products that exude XOXO. Because if there’s one thing we heart, it’s beauty. Forget the roses and the chocolates, we like these kinds of presents.

Leila Lou Eau de Parfum –  Somehow this scent by Rosie Jane manages to capture the innocence of Valentine’s Days past. So fresh and girly!

EOS Berry Blossom Hand Lotion – We seriously love this pocket-sized, berry-scented lotion with shea butter, oat extract and plenty of vitamin E.

LUSH A Million Kisses – The intense scarlet stain resembles that of lips that have been nonstop smooching for days upon days. The addition of rosehip oil (first ingredient listed!) gives it an appropriate cupid scent.

Beauty Secrets Tweezers –What’s not to love about these at $1.49 each from Sally Beauty? They resemble Tweezerman for a smidge of the price!

What’s on your Valentine’s Day wishlist?