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Grow Old Gracefully or Let Science Give You a Helping Hand?

The Ageing Process – Natural vs Cosmetic

Growing old gracefully means something different to everyone. For some, it may be having a certain outlook in life and not allowing yourself to suddenly start acting like a teenager (or too old a person), while for others, it may be about maintaining an active and interesting social life. Whichever group you see yourself in, you can’t avoid the question about whether or not it’s ‘graceful’ to enter your later years having had cosmetic surgery, or whether you’ve wholeheartedly and naturally embraced the signs of ageing whilst still making the most of your life. But what is the best method of embracing the ageing process?

In fact, is one way any better than the other, or is it simply a case of examining what you have underneath and working on it? Whatever the case, one thing is for sure – it’s not a one-size-fits-all question and nobody should be made to feel any less beautiful or acceptable in society for the choices they make.

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Why Having Laser Eye Surgery Can Improve Your Lifestyle

For any glasses or contact lens wearer, eyesight is always a limiting factor. You may have grown up with bad eyesight or you might find it worsens with age, but either way you’ll never be able to get away from it completely. Whether your glasses steam up on a cold day, your contact lenses are uncomfortable or you just worry that you won’t be able to see something important, poor eyesight will always be on your mind. However, if you want to improve your lifestyle and even change the way you look, then there are other options.

Glasses can be easily lost, broken or misplaced. Equally, contact lenses can be difficult to put in, uncomfortable to wear and can tire out your eyes. You can gain a new lease on life and free yourself from these restrictions by visiting any reputable laser eye clinic. After all, your ability to see is often central to how much you can enjoy yourself.

Opting for laser eye surgery will improve your life in a multitude of big and small ways. You’ll be able to see the time on your alarm clock as soon as you wake, as well as being able to swim, run and play any sport without worrying. You can have more confidence in the way you look at big events such as weddings or birthdays, so you can stop worrying about how your glasses will look with your outfit and start to think about really enjoying yourself. Driving will no longer be a worry, and your work day could become easier, as computer screens, mobile phones and slide shows will all be easy to read. This all adds up to some major lifestyle improvements.

The biggest obstacle for many people getting Ultralase eye surgery is probably the cost. However, if you think about a lifetime of expenditure on expensive glasses and contacts, plus all the inconvenience and hassle, laser eye surgery is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Get Inspired with U by Kotex

Kotex 300x250 Banner 2

U by Kotex wants you to switch things up with your monthly lady things with their new U by Kotek Sleek Tampons and U by Kotex CleanWear pads. The sleek tampon offers a perfect touch grip which allows for “just right” placement and the CleanWear pads have a MemoryFlex core material that improves product fit and flexibility. Both can be found at Walmart, where you can find the lowest prices.

Right now you can create your own vision board to show your individuality with images that inspire you. Once you’ve made your board, you can save it or share with friends on Pinterest and sign up to get a free sample with a cute little clutch to disguise your lady things (while supplies last).

So what inspires you? Create an inspiration board that expresses your true style and confidence. Have fun!

This promotion is solely sponsored by Lunchbox and has not been endorsed or approved by Kotex or its subsidiaries or affiliates.

Beauty Black Book: Westlake Dermatology

Westlake Dermatology

Our friends at Westlake Dermatology wanted us to help spread the word about their practice’s new location. The practice has several offices but is opening a new location in Austin, Texas at the Four Seasons Residences Tower next month. They offer a full suite of dermatology services including different laser technologies and cosmetic surgery, if that is what you’re looking for. One of their most popular services is Botox, in fact their quarterly Botox parties are all the rage. I’ve never had any kind of cosmetic procedure but if I was to give one a go, I think it would be Velasmooth… how about you?

If you’re in Austin, stop by their offices for a consultation and tell them Product Girl sent you. In the meantime, visit their website at

Try This: Delta Labs Hair, Skin & Nails and Green Tea + Supplements

Delta Labs Hair, Skin & Nails and Green Tea +

With me, good skin and nails comes and goes… I get back what I put into it, if I make an effort to drink plenty of water, actually stay within a skincare routine and eat a little better, I ride the wave of good skin, hair and nails. Right now I owe my skin’s good behavior and better manicures to all of that plus a few supplements I have recently introduced to my day to day: biotin and green tea.

Green tea has been said to help with quick weight loss as it helps boost your metabolism but it has also been linked to reducing risk against several types of cancer and heart disease. It is loaded with antioxidants and if there’s one thing we all know now is to get your antioxidants in, in any way that you can. I’m not much of a tea drinker, I can only stand it when I’m sick and need to soothe my throat so for me, a supplement like this is perfect.

The other supplement, and perhaps the most important is biotin. Not too long ago I foolishly decided to get acrylic nails and it was a disaster, my nails were paper thin and I would break them all the time. Thankfully they have recovered 100%, my nails are now strong and the ridges I would obsess over are long gone. I’m still surprised at how flexible they are while remaining in tact. My hair has always been thick, strong and healthy so I can’t comment on its effectiveness there but I have noticed my skin has also improved. I still have some of the hormonal issues I’ve touched on in the past (and I’ll finally share what those issues are in a post coming soon) but what has changed lately is the clarity in the rest of my skin. Much of the redness around my nose has dissapated and my overall tone is better. Anything that lets me get away with less foundation is a godsend!

How about you? Any supplements that you have introduced to your beauty routine? Tell us about it in the comments.

NOTE: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

Summer Hope

With another spring well and truly underway, and the blossoms being blown from the trees, it’s with a sense of anticipation that we await the coming summer. Will it be long and fair, warm and breezy? Or disappointingly cloudy and damp, with umbrellas and mackintoshes making as much of an appearance as T-shirts and sunglasses? We don’t know yet, but one thing’s for sure – we’d all like a prolonged warm, sunny spell.

Frolicking under a bright blue sky

Regardless of where you live – city, town or country – most of us seem to want one of two things beneath our feet when the sun is shining – grass or sand. Perhaps a pleasant lunchtime sandwich taken out of the office to the local park – a relaxing hour-long break away from the phones and computer screens, and a chance for bare feet to caress the newly mown grass whilst eyes stare up at humorously shaped clouds. Or maybe you’d prefer a weekend afternoon spent down at the coast? Buckets and spades at the ready, sand wedging itself between toes, a blanket spread out on the beach, and a picnic basket open to reveal an assortment of chilled tasty morsels.

Whichever way we hope to enjoy the coming sunshine – fingers crossed, of course – we know from experience that it’s best to make the most of such times. Cloudless days and long warm evenings are gone again all too quickly.

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Our "Guess That Lotion" is Revealed!

Remember reading about the new lotion we were testing a little while ago? That lotion is finally revealed and it is Vaseline’s new and improved Total Moisture! This lotion comes in a range of formulas that can give you just the right amount of moisture your skin needs. If you’re like Goldilocks looking for a body lotion that was just right, Vaseline would have you covered.

If I had to guess, I think I tested the light formula and for me it was just right… the formula I tested was not revealed to me. I admitted that I’ve never been one to slather myself in body lotion, my skin has just never needed it in the past and I cannot deal with the feeling of it all over me as it dries. Although lately I have noticed that my skin’s level of hydration has slowly been decreasing and that a little lotion is not such a bad thing. I’m turning 34 this year so it must have someone to do with aging! ;)

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Don't Be a Makeup Snob and Check Out These BHCosmetics Palettes

I hate to admit this but I am a makeup snob, chances are you are too… at least that’s the assumption I’m making right now. When you’re a makeup snob, you tend to overlook blockbuster type palettes because you think there is no way in hell those eyeshadows are worth your time. Had I not been asked to try these palettes from BHCosmetics, I would have never tried them and I would have missed out on these gems. Let’s make sure you don’t make the same mistake! :)

My first palette discovery from BHCosmetics is this Jenni Rivera for BHCosmetics palette. This palette was a collaboration between Jenni Rivera and BHCosmetics. I didn’t know who Jenni was when I received the palette but then suddenly she was everywhere! She’s a famous Latin singer and has her own reality TV show, in case you didn’t know. She made this palette for her fans and filled it with 36 eyeshadows and 6 blushes in a variety of finishes for less than $20, it’s actually on sale right now.

Like I said, I’m a bit of a makeup snob. I expected these eyeshadows and blushes to be chalky and lacking in pigment but that wasn’t the case at all. Instead what I found is that these eyeshadows are soft and silky to the touch and blend really well. Of course I put these eyeshadows and blushes to the test. On my super oily lids with my favorite eyeshadow primer, I got about 5 hours of wear before creasing set in. That may not sound like a lot to you but trust me, for me that is huge. Short of getting my eyeshadow tattooed on, I have a hard time getting anything to stay put on these lids for long. I had better luck with the blushes, fading only started setting in towards the end of my day.

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Guess That Body Lotion!

Every once in awhile, an opportunity comes along to do something fun and unexpected here at Product Girl. This time we were asked to do a blind test of a new body lotion coming out from a major national brand. We did not receive any information on the product at all, it just came in a box with a question mark on it and labeled for testing purposes. Before I even received the package, my mind was racing thinking about what brand could possible be behind this… Dove? Aveeno? Lubriderm? Either way, I was excited to participate and was anxious to try the new body lotion!

I received the box this week and went directly into testing mode. I’m not much of a body lotion gal but this winter seemed to be determined to make me one. That said, I can’t handle anything that feels heavy or greasy on my skin. I need my hydration to absorb quickly, I need it feel light as a feather and I need it to smell good… and we’re good on all counts. Again, my mind started racing about what brand could be behind this new body lotion. I went around testing the different lotions I had at home to see if I could find some similarity in formula but I struck out. My curiosity is only getting worse now.

Want to join in on the fun with me? This mystery brand wants you to play along. Five lucky readers will be randomly selected to receive this secret lotion to test and provide their feedback to me to report back to the brand. We will find out which brand is behind this lotion together, all you need to do is comment here and tell me what brand you think we’re dealing with. We will select the five readers next week and be in touch more information. Are you in? Comment and good luck!

Shop for Your Perfume at Parfum Europa

Remember this perfume? Just looking at this bottle brings me back. It reminds me of middle school and getting ready in the morning with this bottle on my dresser. That and maybe Navy, remember that perfume? While some of our old school fragrances are long gone from drugstore and department store shelves, that does not mean that they are gone for good. Some of my all time favorite fragrances are only found through e-tailers like Parfum Europa. My Borghese’s Il Bacio and Cabotine de Gres beloveds are both found there along with other men’s and women’s perfume.

It is not just about those older, harder to find fragrances at Parfum Europa, they also carry fragrances like Flowerbomb and Cashmere Mist (retail best sellers!) at more competitive prices…just price out Cashmere Mist with a competitor to see what I mean. Check out Parfum Europa’s specials and their BOGO promotion for even more savings. They also give free shipping with a $65 purchase! Take a look at their website and order yourself something that smells delicious.