Hydrate Your Lips with LipSmart


Lips can get cracked and dry and when that happens, lipstick and gloss just don’t look as good. This is why it’s important to use a hydrating lip product that will help your lips look their best. LipSmart is one such product It’s the best hydrating lip plumper that will provide moisture dry lips need to provide the natural lips you desire.

Created by Briana Kay Brumer, LipSmart was thought up after lip plumpers became popular. Because Brumer didn’t like how many of them burned and irritated her lips, she realized she wasn’t alone and wanted to do something about it. Growing up under the tutelage of her dad, respected inventor and chemist Julius Kay, Brumer learned early on how to crate products that offer solutions. So she began to research solutions for lip ingredients that would not only volumize and plump lips, but also moisturize and nurture on a daily basis to deliver silky, soft and voluptuous lips that weren’t irritated by the product. Thus LipSmart was born and the solution has caught on in the industry and is a notable product in the Cos Bar chain of stores.
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Casinos and Dressage: What should women wear?

You’d be hard pressed to find a woman who doesn’t want to look her best when going out for the evening. While casinos have long been depicted in movies as glamourous places at night, this isn’t always the case with today’s more modern casinos. Therefore, it is important that women know what’s expected of them whether the casino they will be attending has a strict dress code or no dress code at all. The safest choice if we don’t want to think about this is just try some casino online sites and try a few games like poker or blackjack.

If the casino you will be attending is an upper class affair, then you will want to make sure your clothing matches. For this kind of casino, a skirt and shirt combination would look great or even a dress. The dress doesn’t have to a full length formal. A knee length dress such as a cocktail dress would be perfect. Also, today’s popular maxi dress can work as well. However, most women prefer to dress this up a bit with accessories or a jacket.  Shoes should be dress shoes. Never wear flip-flops, beach sandals or athletic shoes to an upper class casino. This is a terrible fashion faux pas! Your bag should complement the overall outfit.  You may want to avoid bringing an oversized bag to the casino as he bulky nature just isn’t practical and won’t compliment the look you’re trying to achieve.

http://sovainmagazine.com/2012/10/08/what-to-wear-for-a-casino-or-casino-party/ On the other hand, if the casino is more informal, you can dress down considerably. Jeans in good repair and condition are perfectly acceptable. However, do not wear sweatpants or hoodies to a casino in the evening even if it is informal. This look simply isn’t appropriate. Women wearing this kind of outfit will feel out of place. http://casinogambling.about.com/od/casinoterms/a/What-To-Wear-To-The-Casino.htm

This information should serve as a guide to dress for the casino. However, you should always check with the casino you will be attending to determine what dress code they have, if any.

Preserving My Hair Color with the Nexxus Color Assure System


Right around the time of my last visit at the Robert Leonard Salon here in Seattle, a little package with the Nexxus Color Assure System arrived on my door step. As part of a campaign with Conde Nast, I was asked to try the system for a minimum of 3 weeks and share what I thought about the system, the Nexxus Color Assume Pre-Wash Primer in particular.

The idea behind this collection from Nexxus is simple, if water stays out of your hair, your color’s vibrancy stays in. If you have ever colored your hair in a red tone, you particularly know how true that statement is as red tones are the hardest to keep vibrant. The Color Assure systems starts with the Pre-Wash Primer, then is followed by a shampoo, conditioner and a Glossing Tonic spray for added shine. The shampoo and conditioner are sulfate free and the line features argan, almond and coconut oils as well as white orchid extract.

With the hair shaft shielded with the aid of the oils in the formula of the products, water has a harder time penetrating the hair shaft and lifting the color. Makes sense, right?

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Versatile and Durable Leather Duffel Bags

Leather duffel bags put an elegant twist on traditional satchels. The unquestionable quality of workmanship and the unique designs available make this perfect business and casual accessory. With an extensive selection and numerous sizes to choose from, such as rolling duffels and those that meet carry-on requirements, it is truly the best friend of the professional traveler. Old world style and high-quality leather make each bag handsome and unique.

Multipurpose Functionality

When the occasion calls for packing light in something that will easily slide into the back seat of your car or that you can effortlessly sling comfortably over your shoulder, the versatility of a duffel bag stands out from the alternatives. Available in a vast array of designs, finding an unassuming, sleek, and contemporary bag is a snap. In addition, going old school with a slight touch of modern flair ensures that your duffel will always be in style.

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Five Great Yoga Poses for Beginners

There is a reason that yoga is becoming more and more popular, as there are new yoga classes seemingly springing up at any given moment. This is because yoga is a great way for people of any fitness level to become healthier and more grounded through this ancient art. Read on to find five great yoga poses that are the absolutely perfect way for you to get started. 

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

This pose is excellent for improving your posture while also enhancing the clarity of your mind and your sense of center. Most yoga poses, when done properly, serve as great breathing exercise as well.

To perform this pose, stand with your weight distributed evenly over your feet, which should be hip-width apart. Keeping your arms at your side, breathe evenly and with great depth while lifting your arms skyward.

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Must-Have Sportswear for Family Vacations

When families go away for holiday-trips, having the right lat sportswear to pack into suitcases will make a big difference. Arriving at the beach, at Grandma’s house, or at a cabin in the forest can be the perfect time to relax, as long as everyone has the right wardrobe. No one wants to be uncomfortable in the wrong wardrobe while they’re trying to rest, relax, and enjoy the ambiance of their vacation destinations.

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Staying Fresh & Confident This Summer


Seattle is in the middle of some warm weather right now and frankly, I just wish it was over. I like this cool and breezy, not hot and humid. When it is this hot out, I focus on staying fresh and confident in this weather. I teamed up with She Knows to share my tips for staying fresh this summer. Pay them a visit for some easy tips you can put to use now.

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How to Shop for a Pearl Bracelet

Bracelets are incredibly versatile pieces of jewelry that can be dressed up or down, depending on complementing pieces of jewelry and even a chosen outfit and cosmetics. Bracelets make excellent gifts or treats to indulge yourself with, and you can’t go wrong by selecting a pearl as your gem of choice. Pearls, which are found naturally all over the world and are also lab-created and refined, are a timeless classic that look beautiful no matter how they are worn. Pearls can be set into necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, and even hair clips. Bracelets are a popular choice due to their ease of wear and seamless blending with other jewelry.

When shopping for a pearl bracelet, consider first and foremost the length of the bracelet. A traditional length is seven inches, but smaller women may need a five or six inch bracelet, while larger-boned women may appreciate or even need an eight or nine inch bracelet. Next, think of the type of pearl bracelet you’d like to purchase and wear. A chain bracelet is most popular, but usually requires the presence of pearls strung back to back, which can be rather costly. Finally, there are bangles, which are made up of solid metal with one or two pearls placed strategically on either side; and charm bracelets, which allow pearls to dangle from metal rings.

If you’re looking for examples of pearl bracelets, consider the ones found at http://www.thepearlsource.com/pearl-bracelets.php. As you can see, there are many types of pearl bracelets available, but what they all have in common is the pearl that is present on all of them. Some pearl bracelets feature clusters of pearls, while others may offer just one or two pearls. Sometimes other gems, such as diamonds or rubies, may be placed around the pearl to help enhance the overall look. And the pearls themselves can vary in size, shape, color, and luster. Natural pearls are usually cream, opal, pink, or black in color; while cultured pearls may have certain hues enhanced for a more breathtaking finish. A pearl’s luster refers to its shine and the clarity of reflections on its surface, and this too can vary from one pearl to the next.

In the end, don’t limit yourself to a certain type of pearl or a certain grade of luster. Instead, browse around a website such as thepearlsource.com to find examples of the types of pearls and pearl jewelry that you really like, and make your selection based on that criteria.