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The Best Home Spa-ing Experience I’ve Ever Had

Now that we’re into cozy season, my tea intake has increased substantially. I sip it most afternoons for a boost of antioxidants. Good for the body, soul and skin. Which is why La Bella Figura Healing Facial Steam Tea is genius. Tea for your face. So brills. A few Sunday’s ago, I experimented with my […]

Basking in the ARCONA Glow

The benefits of getting an Arcona facial are plentiful. During the blissful 60 minutes and even in the days following. Those days can best be described as basking in the Arcona glow. With each day post-facial, skin gets brighter and more radiant. I took some vacation days last week (for “birthday week”) and booked an […]

Leaf and Water Holistic Skincare

I wish I could sit here and tell you I’m a seasoned pro with facials, I really am not. Before this, I’ve had one bona fide spa facial in my life and I was an experience I’ll never forget even though it was years and years ago. Not many gals get a chance to have […]

Ruby Room + Exclusive Deal for Chicago Readers

One of the first places I discovered when moving to Chicago three years ago was the Ruby Room. It was affirmation that I’d moved to the right area! In a city with all of the big shops and department stores, it is so nice to have a sanctuary with niche brands (beauty + accessories) and spa and […]

From the Expert: Q&A with Cecilia Wong

Cecilia Wong, founder of her namesake salon and skincare line, is a lifelong wellness enthusiast turned expert. Most teenagers suffer through bouts of acne and pick at blemishes, but Cecilia sought regular facials and took an interest in treating skincare issues beyond just the surface. Her philosophy was simple and straightforward — treating our bodies […]

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