Sometimes Life Gets in the Way…

My Pretty Nails and Engagement Ring
My Pretty Nails and Engagement Ring

Since my last post, I have been working on re-branding Product Girl into something new. I have been taking my time with it so that it feels right, comfortable. I settled on a new name, registered the domain, moved all the content over and started working on a new look when something happened and everything came to a halt.

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Coming Back Soon

I started Product Girl almost 11 years ago because I was passionate about beauty products. Back then I didn’t have much going for me, I was a sad and lonely person for a very long time. Buying a new lipstick or perfume made me feel better about myself so I filled a void by sharing my passion with others on the internet. When I had nothing else going for me, I would come home from a long day at work and write about lipstick. I quickly discovered that I really enjoyed blogging about my passion and it began to consume me. This blog led to so many great things and experiences. I’ve been fortunate to meet so many amazing people over the years and I’ve learned so much along the way.

Almost five years ago I was forced to give up this blog in exchange for the promise of my dream job. I agreed to this because the alternative was giving up said dream job. I put someone else in charge and let her lead the way, she was someone I trusted and who’s voice I admired greatly. When the dream job crashed and burned, I’ve touched on this a little bit in the past, I tried to take the lead again but I was in such a deep depression that I could barely get out of bed. When the person I trusted decided to go out on her own, that was a blow that took me awhile to recover from. Because of all of this, this blog represented what was wrong in my life for the last few years. I couldn’t make this work and I was very hard on myself about it so I let it die.

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Win a Year Supply of Swisspers Products & Join Me on Twitter Tonight!

This post brought to you by Swisspers. All opinions are 100% mine.

 photo usc9299-01_FB_TW_Badges_v02AR_20130903_BRUNETTE_zps405e2a3a.jpg

Remember the challange I told you about for National Sleep Naked Night? Dani Jonas is the Face-Off winner and has won $7,500 for her favorite charity, Change for the Children Foundation. Don't you love it when people use their clout for good? Well done, Dani!

Also, as part of National Sleep Naked Night, I'll be hosting a Twitter party tonight from 8:30pm to 10:30pm EST. Follow me (@productgirl) and @SwisspersCotton and join in on the fun using the #SleepNaked hash tag. We'll be talking about removing our makeup, braving our bare, sans makeup faces and having a good time. I hope you'll join me.

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Join National Sleep Naked Night

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Swisspers for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Swisspers Sleep Naked Face Off

Removing your makeup at night is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. The folks at Swisspers are all about taking care of your skin and started the Sleep Naked campaign to urge women achieve healthier skin by “sleeping naked”, which means ending their day makeup-free. You would think that removing your makeup each night would be a no brainer but 50% of women do not take off their makeup each night and of those that do, 80% of them do not do it correctly and that leads to skin and eye issues. Swisspers has some tips on how to remove face and lip makeup as well as how to remove eye makeup.

Swisspers has challenged reality stars, Emily Maynard (The Bachelorette) and Danielle Jonas (Married to Jonas), to not only remove their makeup each night, but to remove it properly. Each one of these ladies have revealed a makeup-free photo of themselves and are rallying their fans to take the Sleep Naked pledge with them. The person with the most pledges will host a virtual party on National Sleep Naked Night this Thursday, September 19th. She will answer questions in a live video chat and will have a $5,000 donation made in her name to a charity empowering young women.

I’m taking the challenge, how about you? The benefits are just piling up! Removing your makeup each night allows your skin to breathe, the makeup you might otherwise leave on can dry out your skin. Makeup in your pores can lead to bacteria build-up and irritate your skin, so why not take the makeup off and help your pores appear smaller? It promotes natural exfoliation and in the end, your pillow case will thank you!

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Pardon Our Appearance!

We have received your notes that things have been a bit wonky here at Product Girl and I’m working on fixing those problems. If things seem even more strange now, please bear with us. We’re in the process of adding a new theme to our blog and customizing it so it will take a little bit of time. I hope to have this fully resolved by tomorrow at the latest. Thanks!

CND Shellac Shades for Fall 2011

Earlier this month at Cosmoprof I had the chance to see the new CND Shellac shades hitting salons this fall, you can see my Shellac mani here. I’m happy to see CND release a glitter and I’m hoping we’ll see more of this in the future, it would be great to see something like their Effects for Shellac. Hopefully this is the beginning of that.

Here are the shades being added to the lineup from left to right:

  • Zillionaire – sheer multicolored glitter.
  • Moonlight Roses – opalescent pink.
  • Studio White – semi-sheer soft white (french manicure option).
  • Asphalt – concrete gray.
  • Hotski to Tchotchke – vibrant teal.
  • Purple Purple – iridescent azure violet.

Don’t let the image here sway you on some of these, the shades are really gorgeous in person. The bottles are a little deceiving. Purple Purple is definitely a purple and doesn’t look as blue as the bottle looks and Hotski to Tchotchke is not as neon as it looks. You can see more of Purple Purple and Hotsky to a Chotchke at Plastic Diaries and you can see more of Purple Purple,  Hotski to Tchotchke, Zillionaire and Asphalt at Temptalia. These shades will be hitting salons next month.

I didn’t know this before but you can apply color on top of Shellac without damaging it when you remove the color. I tried this with my recent manicure and I was surprised at how easily the nail polish came off, as if the Shellac base made it easier. This made me think about using Studio White to protect my nails while some of the damaged parts continue to grow out. This way I could start swatching!

Any of these new shades inspiring you to get Shellac’d? Let me know in the comments.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Exclusives: Men's Grooming

There’s more Nordstrom Anniversary sale exclusives! This time we’re looking at the exclusives for men. Here’s what is in store for them:

Anthony Logistics Glycolic Cleanser ($35)
Make your face squeak with cleanliness, now in JUMBO-size. Aloe Vera soothes, Glycolic Acid lightens fine lines, and vitamins A, C and E nourish. Cleanses and buffs away surface skin cells, leaving skin smooth and ready for shaving. Helps prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn.

Anthony Logistics Clean & Smooth Set ($47)
Featuring a dynamic duo of the Algae Facial Cleanser and Facial Scrub, this set removes dead skin cells as well as grime. Algae cleanses and refreshes, while glycerin and extracts of Azulene, Lavender and Rose Hip Oil help cool, calm and moisturize skin. Remove dead skin cells and free your ingrown hairs with a facial scrub that smoothes and moisturizes.

Anthony Logistics Shave Cream ($23)
A smooth shave; for the first time in your life, a truly smooth shave. Lightly coat face with smooth stuff: eucalyptus oil to heal, squaleneto lubricate, aloe veragel to soothe, an infusion of hops (do not drink) to relax, and a bunch of vitamins to nourish –A, B5, C and E. No Benzocaineso you can’t over-shave.

The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil Twin Pack ($25)
Pre-Shave Oil is the first step in The Art of Shaving. It softens the beard and prepares the skin for a close and comfortable shave without leaving an oily residue. It is formulated with a unique blend of botanical ingredients and essential oils.

ZIHR Clean and Scrub ($25)
You are set with this essential set. The Facial SCRUB with Aloe, gently removes dead surface skin cells for a fresher, smoother appearance, while the invigorating Alpha-Hydroxyface wash removes dirt and excess oil for fresher looking skin.

Are you hauling any of these for the men in your life?

Ms. & Mrs. Minimergency Kit for Her

I probably annoy the hell out of the people behind me in line at Sephora. Once I get in line, I’m looking through every single little bit by the register just to make sure I don’t miss out on something good… like the $10 NARS lip duos they had around the holidays. This time my purchase from the maze of temptation was this gold Ms. & Mrs. Minimergency Kit for Her.

I’m the type of gal that likes to carry my entire world in my bag but hate how heavy the bag then gets. This is the perfect solution to that problem, I have a little bit of everything in a cute little gold metallic bag. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Lip Ointment
  • Dental Floss
  • Breath Freshener
  • Emery Board
  • 0.8 oz Clear Nail Polish
  • 1 Nail Polish Remover Pad
  • 0.1 oz Hair Spray
  • Clear Elastics
  • Earring Backs
  • 1 Stain Remover Towelette
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Mending Kit
  • 1 Deodorant Towelette
  • 1 Small Latex-Free Bandage
  • 1 Regular Tampon
  • 1 Packet of 2 Tablets of Advil

Pretty handy, right? Surprisingly enough, all of this fits inside. For $13, it’s hard to go wrong with this kit. Plus, the brand actually makes a bunch of other kits that are pretty cool including kits for men.

New! Butter London Spring 2011 Collection

I have been looking forward to seeing this spring Butter London collection since I first heard about it when I met the lovely and charming Nonie Creme, creative director for Butter London. We sat down for a quick chat one September morning at Nordstrom since she was there to debut the line at the store.

Nonie says spring was all about creating a painterly palette and she pushed hard to move away from the grey, taupe and sand shades the team worked with at the 11 shows they did during Fashion Week for this season. Shades in this collection include:

Lady Muck – periwinkle blue with bit of grey and pearl pigment.
Teddy Girl – pale retro bubblegum pink.
Dosh – apple green shot through with gold.
Blagger – striking cobalt blue.
Hen Party – sheer opal.

You can find this collection online and in Nordstrom stores now. I picked up the collection on Saturday night along with Artful Dodger (turquoise) and Scoundrel (lilac) because I couldn’t help myself. I’m going to do my nails tonight but can’t decide if I want to try Lady Muck or Hen Party first… Hen Party reminds me of MAC’s long discontinued Pervette nail polish, a shade I wore to my prom in 1996! Which one would you go with for a mani?

The other new shade from Butter London is No More Waity and it is available on a pre-order basis at B-Glowing. The amazing Nonie Creme created this greige with lilac glitter shade to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Kate Middleton and Price William. Just one look at this swatch and both Laurie and I reached for the plastic to pre-order it. Nonie says No More Waity is her final nod to greige so I would order it if I were you. This shade starts shipping on 3/1 and I cannot wait until it’s in my hands.

And can I just say that I am so happy that this hometown brand is kicking so much New York Fashion Week ass! First the Polish Rings at Vena Cava and the dark nails at Alexander Wang, it has been fun to see what Nonie and the team has been up to this week. Would you try the polish rings?