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Spurge vs. Steal: Living Proof Root Lifting Spray & Samy Fat Hair "0" Calories Root Lifter Spray

My locks always need a little help in the volume department, which is why I fell pretty hard for Living Proof’s Full Line. The line dominated our “best of” list for hair care in 2010 for good reason — it really does amp up your strands. In particular, Living Proof’s Root Lifting Spray boosts hair at its base using a blend of resins that give a flexible, long-lasting lift. I really notice a difference in my look when I use this before blow-drying, especially as my hair gets longer and needs even more help being lifted. But at $26, this isn’t always a budget-friendly option.

Coming in at nearly a quarter of the price is Samy’s Fat Hair “0” Calories Root Lifter Spray. I found that this little $7 wonder works just as well as my beloved Living Proof. Just spritz this on your crown when hair is damp or wet and blow out to maximize volume. I do think this formula is a tiny bit drying, and while it really hasn’t had an effect on my hair, be sure to only use it on the roots to help prevent any damage or breakage. To help mitigate, I always massage a droplet of oil into the ends of my hair — a habit I’ve carried with me from this previous winter. Healthy hair = less haircuts = long, voluminous locks! What I do love about Samy’s formula is that it is lightweight, long-lasting and leaves no sticky residue behind. This is a steal!