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Gimme Gimme MOR during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Did you know that MOR is now sold at Nordstrom? And that you can snag these impossibly chic soaps and lotions for nearly 50 percent off during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? MOR has some of the best scent combinations (hello, Basil and Grape?!) and they feel just as luxurious as look. To boot, Nordstrom packaged them as sets and they come in this carrier that just screams I’M THE PERFECT GIFT. And yes, they are the perfect gift. For yourself and to have on hand for hostess gifts or for that person who gave you a holiday gift but you didn’t get them one. You’ll thank us later.

Beauty VIP of the Week: GO Smile Speed Whitening System

A lot can change in just four days. For example, in Chicago, the temperatures early in the week were in the 90s, approaching triple digits. Then on Thursday, they plummeted nearly 40 degrees. Not a fan of either extreme. Another example: In just four days of this week, I whitened my teeth to about eight times brighter. This, I’m a fan of. GO Smile’s Four-Day Speed Whitening System is by far the most-effective teeth whitening system that I’ve ever used. And it’s unbelievably easy, and pain-free.

I’ve got no patience for the trays they fit you for at the dentist (not to mention they’re hundreds of dollars), and I definitely didn’t have patience for the circa five years ago Whitestrips on the market (as evidenced by the half open box I eventually had to toss out after it had expired). Which, until now, had been the extent of my whitening experiences. So yes, a twice daily treatment over four days is my style – and the results were practically instantaneous. A true Beauty VIP!

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Clean and Easy's Facial Waxer

I have a bit of a weakness for waxing kits. Like my obsession with lip stains, I tend to try out new waxing kits whenever I see them. When I saw Clean & Easy’s Facial Waxer, it seemed like a really easy way to take care of my needs… and just maybe I could stop buying those stupid wooden popsicle sticks.


At first, the Clean & Easy’s Facial Waxer looks like a great system… for about $15 you get 2 vials of wax, strips, an after waxing treatment and a wax warmer that plugs into any outlet and heats your wax up in 15 minutes. This would even be easy to travel with but what appealed to me was the roll-on cap you add to the vial of wax. Wouldn’t it be nice if waxing was as easy as rolling on some wax? That doesn’t happen with this product.

When put to use, unfortunately this product turned out to be more of an inconvenience that I thought it would be. I was expecting to be able to use the wax in just 15 minutes but really, it took twice as long for the wax to warm up to a consistency that would spread well. As soon as I started trying to apply the wax, I knew I was in trouble. The wax would jamb up the wheel in the roll-on tip or it would get stuck on an area I had already applied wax to. It was only a matter of minutes before I got frustrated and gave up. Then came removing the wax, the strips included with the Clean & Easy’s Facial Waxer barely stuck to the wax.

For all I know, the wax may have been great but the frustration with everything else is hard to overlook. Bottom line? It looks like I’m back to wooden popsicle sticks and my beloved Poetic Waxing kit.

DIY Hair Threading by Face Authority

I regularly attend Shecky’s “Beauty Night Out” in NYC. Its a great excuse to gather up your girlfriends, your checkbook, have some cocktails and shop. In terms of successful shopping, it can be a “hit or miss” but sometimes I am able to discover some of the best independent and upcoming companies.

Epicare Facial Hair Remover

My most recent discovery is a self-threading tool called Epicare that I consider to be the best invention since sliced bread.

Manufactured by Face Authority, the Epicare tool is basically a lightweight spring with colored plastic handles. You twist the spring into a U shape and put near face, then rotate the ends with your fingers. Hair gets caught in the little springs and is pulled from the root.

The motion is very similar to an epilator, but in my experience, the Epicare did not pull or snag my skin like epilators do. The pain factor is similar to tweezing – areas of my face that were less sensitive and were used to tweezing felt fine, yet I winced in pain when I tried it on my peach-fuzzy cheeks. While the product is meant for facial hair, it certainly works anywhere you’d tweeze, like the navel, tops of feet and toes, etc.

Epicare is available in 7 colors for $16.99. Mine is pink – what color will you be buying?

Pretty in Pink with Tweezerman

Even though it’s now November, no reason to stop shopping pink, right? Tweezerman’s Pretty in Pink collection has got you covered in the grooming department. From brows, to nails to feet, they’ll help you stay pretty.

Tweezerman Pretty in Pink Collection

This limited edition collection comes in pink, Sephora’s top selling color and it can only be found there. It features a travel mirror with 10x magnification, a Pedro callus stone, a deluxe nail trimmer, slanted tweezers, pointed tweezers, pointed slanted tweezers, a file, a callus shaver and a petite manicure set.

I picked up a few of these things but my favorite of the bunch is the Petite Manicure Set. love the mini cuticle and hangnail trimmer, it’s so much easier to use than a than a full sized cuticle trimmer… at least for me. I’ve had this in my bag with me ever since I got it and it’s been extremely handy. It’s definitely worth picking up.

Shop Pink: Tweezerman's BCA Slant Tweezers

Tweezerman BCA Slant Tweezers Aren’t these tweezers adorable? You already know Tweezerman makes good tweezers so now you can pick up a pair to support Breast Cancer Awareness. With all the cute little pink bows all over each pair, how could you not? 🙂

Tweezerman will donate $1 from each purchase of their BCA Slant Tweezers to the Breast Cancer Research Fund and you can never have too many pairs of tweezers, at least that’s the case in my house… we have at least 4 pairs floating around at any given time!

Don’t forget that Tweezerman has free sharpening as long as the pair of tweezers are in good condition. I’m getting ready to send a few pairs in for sharpening now, I’ll let you know how that goes.

I Whish This Lived Up to the Hype

Deborah Messing, Jennifer Garner and Brooke Shields are all fans of Whish Body Products. Whish has a reputation for adding luxury to women’s every day shaving routines. I have been using the same old aluminum can of drugstore shave gel for as long as I’ve been shaving my legs so I was excited to try Whish Regency 120 Travel Bag.

Whish Regency 120 Travel Bag The kit includes Papaya Coconut Shave Crave (shaving cream), Papaya Coconut Shave Savour (aftershave) and Original Body Brush, all housed in an adorable vinyl cosmetic bag. Unlike most other women’s shaving products, Shave Crave comes in a plastic jar and is meant to be applied with the Body Brush, an old-fashioned animal-hair shave brush. Once you swirl the brush into the cream, the lather achieved is incomprarable to that which I am used to, but still produced a smooth, nick-free shave. Afterwards, I made sure to use Shave Savour, although I don’t think I’ve ever used an aftershave on my legs before. For a product touted as “Papaya Coconut”, I was surprised that the scent was very mild. Overall, I was satisfied with my shave, but not entirely impressed. Later in the week, I attempted the same process and just as I went to swirl my Body Brush into the Shave Crave, the brush broke in half right in my hands!

I love the concept of taking a little extra time and energy and applying it towards a perfect shave, however I am lead to believe that the quality of Whish products is questionable. The price of this set was $85 and didn’t even last me two shaves.

Go Green with Tweezerman

Tweezerman Go Green Mini Slant Tweezers What gal doesn’t need a pair of tweezers? Tweezerman’s Go Green Mini Slant Tweezers are perfect for Earth Day. These tweezers are a smaller size to save on production, the packaging is 100% recyclable and uses soy ink for it’s printing. Also, $1.00 from every sale goes to the National Arbor Foundation. This means that with every “Go Green” tweezer purchased, a new tree is planted. That’s definitely a good reason to tweeze.

Another thing that’s good to know is that Tweezerman offers free sharpening as long as your tweezers are dull due to normal use. I have a few pairs I could send for sharpening myself. Check back with us on Monday, we’ll be giving away a few pairs of Tweezerman’s limited edition Animal Prints tweezers.

A Pearly White Smile

Aquafresh’s White Trays are disposable, pre-filled trays that help whiten your teeth. Like many people, I want a pearly white smile and I was intrigued by this product when I was approached to test it. I did have to enlist some help though.

Aquafresh White Trays I have to admit, I had some trouble with this product but it’s not the product’s fault at all, it’s mine. I seem to gag very easily so I had a hard time keeping the trays in my mouth. However, the time that I did spend with this product was already better than my experiences with competing products. With molded trays for your upper and lower teeth, this was a step in the right direction for me. I’m not really a strip type of girl.

Not wanting to give up on the product, I passed in on to a friend with 5 uses left. The product states that you’ll see a whiter smile in 3 days and we were surprised to see that this was true. After 3 uses, his teeth were indeed whiter… 2 shades whiter actually. With each remaining usage, his teeth continued to whiten gradually. While he didn’t use all 7 trays in the product, what we saw in just 5 uses was really encouraging. If you want to get intimately acquainted with a friend’s mouth, just ask them to test a product like this. 🙂

Something worth mentioning is that the trays fit is important for the product to be effective. It may be either too big or two small for some people so that’s something to keep in mind. With that said, I this is a product that we will use again on our own dime.