Turn on Your High Beams

Benefithighbeam It may look like nail polish but Benefit’s High Beam is much, much more than that. It’s an awesome highlighting product that you can use anywhere you want to add a little something special to. I tend to use it on the top of my cheekbones and on my temples. I wasn’t a big fan of the nail polish approach to this product but once I started using it, I realized that this really is a convenient way to apply the product. It lets you control exactly how much of this you use a time. Mixing a little bit of this with your moisturizer is also a great way to use this, I picked up this tip from the website.

If you like this product, you can also check out Moon Beam, High Beam’s golden and aware winning highlighting twin. I tend to prefer the pink one though.

Mascara Madness is Almost Over

I got this one in just under the wire, just as May is coming to an end. My motto lately seems to be better late than never. 🙂

Esteelaudermascara_1 I have to be honest but when I think of good mascara, Estee Lauder did not come to mind. My mind drifted towards Lancome’s Definicils mascara but now that I have been trying something new, Estee Lauder’s More than Mascara can certainly hold it’s own in the mascara arena.

With it’s long and plush brush, this mascara separates my lashes really well and it dries quickly. I really like that this mascara’s tapared brush really lets me get at the smaller lashes with the tip of the wand, with ease. Best of all, this mascara does not run. Some mascaras creep down as the day goes on but this one has not done that on me. I was very pleasantly surprised with this mascara.

You can find more Mascara Madness over at Blogdorf Goodman’s, where the The Great Mascara Hunt is just winding down.

Eyes of an Angel

I was going to do a post about mascara since the Great Mascara hunt is going on over at  Blogdorf Goodman’s but then I realized, I’m not into mascara as I am eyeshadow and I recently found a palette I am crazy about. Maybe I will soon though, I had my eye on some Shu Uemera stuff earlier today.

Trucco_angelface At first glance, Trucco’s AngelFace palette from the Holographic Colour Collection, seems like a really boring collection of light eyeshadows. If you take a closer look, you’ll find that each shade has a name, such as Angel Gold, Angel Blue, Angel Red, Angel Violet and Angel Green. What does this mean? It means that each of these eyeshadows have a wonderful burst of iridescent color to them.

For instance, swatch a little bit of Angel Blue on your hand and you’ll see a great eyeshadow with a good amount of blue shimmer in it. It’s not too 1980’s at all. In short, these eyeshadows can make excellent brow highlighting colors when used with the right combination of color. Since this palette includes other colors in it as well, this can be used with practically anything.

I’ve recently tried other Trucco products and I was not as impressed. Their PowderPout Lip Color palette was a bit of a disappointment but may have to do more with me… I’m not use to using something like eyeshadow on my lips yet. I can see the convenience in this though. However, this eyeshadow palette certainly makes up for all this. I love colors like this that really surprise you in the end. Maybe one day I’ll post a picture of me using it. If you like type of color as well, take a look at NARS Kilimanjaro duo. It’s fantastic, but NARS products in general also are.

I Love LemonAid

Lemonaid To continue with the Benefit love fest, here’s another product that I adore:
LemonAid. What is it? It’s like concealer for your eyes but you will not find your shade in this product. Instead, this a yellow cream you can pat on your eyes to give them an instant lift. The coloring in the product is perfect for concealing any discoloration on your eyelids, it neutralizes them perfectly. This instantly makes you look more awake. It doesn’t hurt that it smells like Nivea either, I’m quite partial to that product.

On those days where I don’t want to really do my makeup, this is one of the first products I turn to. I keep this in my makeup bag at all times. My only problem with this product is that it does crease on me but with oily skin, there’s not much I can do to avoid that with a cream based product. A spot check is in order every now and then but that’s also true of quite a few other products. In my opinion, this product absolutely does work as advertised.

New from MAC for Spring

I went to my local MAC counter yesterday to play around for a little bit with the new Sundressing collection. I’ve been avoiding the counter but I’ve had Gold Dusk pigment in my head ever since I read Kristen’s post on it and I just had to try it. I thought it seemed a little similar to NARS Kilimanjaro duo (the icey yellow side) but only when using the pigment lightly. I’m going to have to buy this now. Thanks Kristen! 🙂

Macsundressing_2 Besides the gorgeous pigment, there is some great stuff in this collection. Right away, I was drawn to Pink Cabana lipstick. Look at how gorgeous this is… how can anyone resist this? A few of my other favorite items from this collection include the Sunsparked Pearl Beauty Powder and Languish Lip Glass. The powder has a shimmer to it that make it a great highlight and Languish could be the gloss equivalent of O lipstick (my favorite one).

What I did not like about this collection was the Softwash Grey pigment. I really hate it when companies, and MAC does do this quite a bit, release new products that look like their existing products. I know that’s just part of the business though. Just this year, they released a an eyeshadow shade called Overgrown that was almost exactly the same as Bitter (my favorite eyeshadow). Anyhow, MAC has a pigment named Blue Storm that seems a little similar to Softwash Grey, this new pigment is only slightly lighter. I’m still not sold on
Tanarama lipstick either. I’ll be passing on that one. If you’re interested in any of this, hurry… most of this collection is limited edition.

Liquidlastliner MAC has also released Liquidlast Liner. These liners are the liquid alternative to their Fluidlines (try using these as eye shadow base). They have some great colors available, Greenplay and Fushia-ism are going on my wishlist.

These liquid liners wear really, really well. I tried these on and then before bed, I washed my face. I had to break out the makeup remover to finally take this off.  Some colors do seem similar to the Fluidlines but some people may prefer the consistency of this product. It’s not as versataille as the Fluidlines but I do actually like that this is easier to apply… for me anyhow. The best part of this line is that it’s permanent so there’s no reason to race to the counter for it. I’d really love to see this line expanded, maybe incorporate some shimmer sort of like a mix of LiquidLast and Glitterliner. A girl can dream.

This week I will also give everyone a sneak peek into what else is in store from MAC this summer. There is definitely some great stuff ahead.

Glowing Like a Cowgirl

Benefitdallas_1_1 I don’t know why but every time Benefit comes up with a new product, I just have to try it. If this was like crack, I would be an addict. In the tradition of Hoola , Dandelion (Reese posted about it here) and Georgia, they now introduce Dallas.

The website says “This sun-kissed rose glow is pure cowgirl chic” and I would have to agree. Since I got this, I reach for this every time I do my makeup. This product is the perfect combination of a blush and bronzer in one. For a pale girl like me, this product is perfection. At $26, it’s a wee bit expensive for a blush or bronzer but it’s worth it. I bet if you tried it, you’d love it too.

Also, just in time for Mother’s Day, Benefit Cosmetics is having a Mother’s Day contest. They are looking for mother and daughter Benefit groupies. The lucky winners will receive $500 in products. Damn… I can’t get my mother to try anything but lipstick!

Good Makeup at a Good Price: NYX

Nyx Meet NYX Cosmetics. This line of cosmetics is amazing. Their eyeshadows are just as pigmented as major department store lines and their color selection is just as great. I found them while hunting for an eyeshadow I had read was a dead ringer for MAC’s Lucky Green, a limited edition eyeshadow. This is a like a drugstore version of my beloved MAC, maybe that’s why I like it so much. It has Loose Pearl Eyeshadow, great blush, fabulous glosses that taste like cherry (and I looove cherries) and even some brushes.

I’m slowly buying more and more of this stuff. Everyone should definitely try this stuff.

Good Makeup at a Good Price: Milani

Since I’m a bit of a makeup snob, I haven’t faithfully used drugstore brand cosmetics for a long time. My biggest issue with drugstore makeup is eyeshadow quality, it doesn’t seem to be pigmented enough for my taste. Since I like eyeshadow with a strong color payoff, this was a problem… until now. I’ve been experimenting with different lines and I’ve found some great stuff recently in drugstores.

Milani_looseeyeshadow_1 Milani Cosmetics has some really great stuff. Everything I’ve tried is super pigmented, from the eyeshadows to the lipsticks. Their eyeshadows are wonderful too. Fans of MAC’s Electric Eel eyeshadow can save their money, Milani’s Atlantis is exactly like this shade. As a bonus, you can depot them and they’ll fit in MAC and Stila pan palettes. They also have some great loose power eyeshadows exactly like Bourjois does… do they look familiar? Hmm… I’m starting to wonder if Milani and Bourjois has more in common that just this.

Next we’ll look at NYX Cosmetics…

Sweetie Cake: Like Candy for Your Face

Sweetiecake MAC Cosmetics is coming out with a new line in April called Sweetie Cake. For die-hard addicts like me, this collection could really put a dent in my wallet.

This collection features a new eye shadow quad in gorgeous  new shades, four new eyeliners with a special sparkle, two brand new nail lacquers, three lip gloss pots, four mouth watering new Lipglass shades and best of all: three brand new pigments.

Most exciting aspect of this new collection? For me, I’d have to say the quad, pigment and eyeliner. Collections come out with new lip products all the time but colorful goodness for your eyes? Not as much… The eyeliners in particular give off a sparkling effect due to the pearlized particles in the pencil. When you factor in the three new pigment shades, that just spells trouble.

If you love MAC as much as I do, be sure to snap these items up as soon as possible. It’s not unheard of for particular pieces to sell out within a week, the eyeshadow quads especially. Those sell out really fast. Be on the lookout for this to appear in stores early to mid April.

Thanks to the Specktra Forums for the scoop on this new collection!

Ink for Your Lips


When I heard Sephora had it’s own line of  Lip Markers cheaper than the one I love by Stila, I raced to the website and checked them out. In addition to these, I also found Urban Decay’s Ink. Once I saw them in person, I found really didn’t like Sephora’s color choices. They were all too bold for my taste. With this one on the other hand, people come to expect bold color from Urban Decay. I tested a color called Naked and loved it, it would give me that just bitten look I’ve been looking for. Another good thing about this product, even better than Stila’s, is the applicator. It’s not dainty and it does a good job of applying a fair amount of this product. I couldn’t ask for anything more… this one is permanently in my purse from now on.