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Try This: Delta Labs Hair, Skin & Nails and Green Tea + Supplements

Delta Labs Hair, Skin & Nails and Green Tea +

With me, good skin and nails comes and goes… I get back what I put into it, if I make an effort to drink plenty of water, actually stay within a skincare routine and eat a little better, I ride the wave of good skin, hair and nails. Right now I owe my skin’s good behavior and better manicures to all of that plus a few supplements I have recently introduced to my day to day: biotin and green tea.

Green tea has been said to help with quick weight loss as it helps boost your metabolism but it has also been linked to reducing risk against several types of cancer and heart disease. It is loaded with antioxidants and if there’s one thing we all know now is to get your antioxidants in, in any way that you can. I’m not much of a tea drinker, I can only stand it when I’m sick and need to soothe my throat so for me, a supplement like this is perfect.

The other supplement, and perhaps the most important is biotin. Not too long ago I foolishly decided to get acrylic nails and it was a disaster, my nails were paper thin and I would break them all the time. Thankfully they have recovered 100%, my nails are now strong and the ridges I would obsess over are long gone. I’m still surprised at how flexible they are while remaining in tact. My hair has always been thick, strong and healthy so I can’t comment on its effectiveness there but I have noticed my skin has also improved. I still have some of the hormonal issues I’ve touched on in the past (and I’ll finally share what those issues are in a post coming soon) but what has changed lately is the clarity in the rest of my skin. Much of the redness around my nose has dissapated and my overall tone is better. Anything that lets me get away with less foundation is a godsend!

How about you? Any supplements that you have introduced to your beauty routine? Tell us about it in the comments.

NOTE: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

A Healthy Lifestyle is KLUTCH. Join the Club.


We love our beauty delivery each month from Birchbox, but how about a special box dedicated to health and wellness? We have the best of intentions to be healthy and active, but life and personal struggles can definitely throw a wrench in things.  Enter Klutch Club. Because seriously, how many cardboard-tasting health bars do you have to eat before you find one that actually tastes good and is good for you? And bonus: Klutch Club was born in Chicago!

 We got a glimpse of the April box, and are totally digging it. Here’s what was inside: 

  • Yoga workout from MTV Power Yoga star Kristin McGee
  • HYDRIVE Energy Drink Mix
  • ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water
  • Tea Forte skin smart teas (obsessed with the Cucumber Mint!)
  • Kind Bar
  • Plentil Chips
  • Trail Mix
  • Shea Terra Organics Face Wash sample
  • Flax Seed Oil (flavored – I got Blackberry!)
  • Discount code for organic yoga clothing company

 Yes, all of that was in one box. And the cost to subscribers is about $18. I got seriously giddy with the bottle of Blackberry Flax Seed Oil. Yes…the things that get me excited. Flax Seed Oil and Lip Gloss. But really, how much more amazing are my summer smoothies going to be now? I bought that same bottle (no flavor version) and paid an arm and a leg for it at Whole Foods. Happy for the flavor upgrade, and all of the other goodies, too!

Klutch Club is offering monthly, three-months at a time or annual subscriptions online. Also pretty cool? Any orders that use code BRIGHTPINK will see 10% of the order total donated to the breast cancer education non-profit of the same name.

 What do you think? Are you into it?

Sprayology's AllergEase Keeps the Sniffles Away

If you suffer from allergies, chances are this year has been especially tough on you. I know it has been for me, and my allergies are relatively mild living in Chicago. Now living in Washington, DC…that was another story.  Usually to combat the spring sniffles, I pop a Claritin once a day. It does the trick at times, but anything stronger (and more effective) does not suit me well. I took a Zyrtec once and it put me to sleep for half a day. Of course my allergies don’t bother me when I’m asleep! To say, I needed a new remedy would be an understatement.

I discovered Sprayology’s homeopathic remedy at just the right time. AllergEase has literally been a lifesaver to me these past few weeks, completely keeping my allergy symptoms under control. It’s really quite simple, and importantly – effective! On your first use, just two sprays under the tongue (so it enters the bloodstream) every 30 minutes as needed and every day thereafter two sprays three times a day. It sounds like a lot, but it’s not bothersome at all to spray and it’s basically impossible to overdo, which cannot be said for traditional meds!

It’s amazing to me that all of these remedies to relieve runny nose, itchy eyes, rash, headache and sneezing are all in this tiny bottle. If used at the recommended dosage, it will last through a normal allergy season or about a month. At $22, this is certainly more reasonable than popping an allergy pill, and about half the price of my co-pay to go see my doctor!

I’m honestly so intrigued with homeopathic medicine now for everyday ailments. Sprayology categories their remedies into four categories: Rejuvenates, Restores, Relieves and Rebuilds. I love the idea of spraying my daily multi-vitamin or combating cold & flu season naturally.

Have any of you tried Sprayology? Or any gurus out there on homeopathic medicine? We’d love to hear your thoughts on what works!

Nutrisystem Nation: Week 3 & 4

Instead of waiting to update you on my 4th week weigh-in when I haven’t even discussed my 3rd week, I’m just going to combine it into one post. How about that? 🙂

Last week’s weigh in was a little disappointing because I maintained my weight but it got me thinking about the some of the new habits I’ve picked up since I started Nutrisystem. I have not had fast food in almost a month. On other diets I have tried in the past, I would have a consumed at least something from McDonald’s by now simply because it was OK if it was within my point range. I still could go by McDonald’s and have something if I wanted to but I am happy that it hasn’t even been a thought until now. That’s kind of a big deal for me.

This picture here is obviously of my refrigerator, but it is also all of the food in my apartment as of today. My fridge is stocked in a way that makes me happy and has been a rarity until now… it full of healthy things! The worst thing in my fridge is a sauce from William Sonoma I haven’t thrown out yet even though I don’t like it and was a total waste of money…$16 and doesn’t even taste like piccata sauce! Some of my previous diet staples are in there but for the most part, lots of veggies, fruits, lean proteins and low fat diary. Another big deal for me. Since March is National Nutrion month, my fridge is dressed for the occasion.
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Nutrisystem Nation: Week 2

I had a feeling I wouldn’t do so well on my week 2 weigh in on Nutrisystem, I gained 1lb. I was disappointed when I stepped off the scale but this wasn’t unexpected. I do fine when I’m at work. I take my breakfast, lunch and add-ons to work with me and behave myself but after work is when things get more difficult for me. I went out to dinner a few times and the choices I made definitely caught up with me. I also did not focus on how much water I was drinking and didn’t write down what I was eating, which both things are super important to do. I always do better when I write everything down.

With that said, I still feel good about what I’ve accomplished so far. I’ve lost 12.2lbs in one month. While it’s not the 20lbs. a month I aimed for, there have been other small victories that are just as important as what the number on the scale is. I’m on the verge of crossing into a weight range that I have not been at in a very long time and I’m feeling really hopeful and excited about that. Plus, I can always aim for that figure next month. If I do reach that goal, there’s a bottle of Tom Ford Champaca Absolut perfume at Nordstrom with my name on it… I just visited it yesterday. 😉

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Nutrisystem Nation: Week 1

Week 1 on Nutrisystem was a complete success. I weighed in last Monday and stepped off the scale in complete awe, I couldn’t believe the number the scale read… I lost 7.4lbs my first week on the program. I had planned on having a bit of a splurge for dinner as a reward for behaving during the week but when I saw the results, I changed my tune a bit. I didn’t want to undo all my hard work for that week. It definitely had me excited about what I could accomplish with the time I have left on Nutrisystem, which is is 3 months and 3 weeks. At first, I really questioned if I could really do this. Could I go 4 months eating packaged food? I wasn’t really sure initially but this first week on the program answered that question. I feel confident that I can do this for a few reasons.

The first is that I’m not relying solely on Nutrisystem’s food and I didn’t understand that until I received my chosen entrees and read through all the materials that came with my first delivery. I add fresh fruits, vegetables, protein, carbohydrates and fat (small amounts) to every meal. The first week my additions were mostly raw but I have started to change things up by steaming broccoli and roasting asparagus here and there. Sometimes it feels like it’s too much food but the good thing about that is I honestly am never hungry, which is a good thing because the portion size of the entries leaves a little to be desired but that’s also because we’re just use to much larger portions these days. This is also a bit of re-training for me.

The other reason I feel I can do this is because I can go out and enjoy myself with friends and family at a restaurant if I want to, it just involves making different choices. I imagined having to bring an entree with me if I went to a family dinner at my moms as I often do and that thought made me a little sad. I really enjoy food and the thought of missing out on my mom’s amazing cooking for 4 months just seems so hard! I have yet to test my resolve against mom’s cooking but I like that I can bring an entree to my mom’s house one weekend and then indulge a bit the next. Nutrisystem realizes that it is not realistic to expect that those on the program stick to their meals 100% of the time.

If you’re wondering how the food tastes, I’m happy to report that it is good and I’m enjoying it. There has only been 1 entree that I decided I would not finish, it was their Cream of Broccoli soup but it was a matter of my personal taste. I’m sure there are others who would probably enjoy that soup. I received a mix of pantry stables and frozen entrees. I have been alternating the pantry and frozen items for dinner and have liked everything I’ve tried so far. The Macaroni & Cheese with Salisbury Steak impressed me because I did not expect any flavor from this entree but it was there, as it has been in the other entrees. I had not tried any of the frozen breakfast or lunch items yet but I will get there. I’m assuming they taste better than the dry pantry items so I’m saving them for the end of the month. 😉

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Joining the Nutrisystem Nation

This week I started the Nutrisystem program and will be following it for the next 4 months. I’ve been interested in Nutrisystem for awhile now, my mother and aunt did it with some great results but I’ve never been able to afford it on my own. Thankfully Nutrisystem is going to be sponsoring me for the next 4 months and it means the world to me!

I’ve been on other diets more times than I can count but I have never tried a program where the food is already prepared so I was really excited about this. Not having to cook? That is amazing, because honestly, I am not a good cook but I can call in a to-go order like no one else. With Nutrisystem, my breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert is already prepared for me. All I have to do is add some protein, dairy, vegetables, fruit and carbs to supplement each meal.

This is me on my birthday in October. I’ve dealt with weight for as long as I can remember and I’ve been on other diets more times than I can count. Now that I’m in my early thirties it’s really time to get serious and get this weight off so I can live my life to its fullest.

My weight has kept me down for a long time, it’s the reason why you probably don’t know what I look like until now… because I’m just not comfortable or confident showing you what I look like without taking a gazillion photos in just the right lighting or just the right angle. I’m trying to turn this around now and become the person I want to be, a healthier person!

For the next 4 months, I’m going to be blogging about my experiences with Nutrisystem once a week. While blogging about a diet isn’t necessarily beauty related, I know, I hope you’ll bear with me during this time. After all, our diet affects our skin and our skin is at the core of our look… right? Here’s too some good before and after shots! 🙂

Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing their program and support services free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program.