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Just Another Mani Monday: My Manicure Must Haves

I use to be very erratic with my product selection when I did my nails at home, that is mainly because I didn’t care as much about my nails as I do now. My friend actually commented on this the other day “you’ve become quite a nail gal, haven’t you?” Well yes, I certainly have. Now that I am more serious about this, I have narrowed things down to a solid group of products that I cannot imagine my life without. Some of these I have received as samples but a few of these items I have picked up myself. With one of these items, I’m now on my 4th one!

  • Sally Hansen Nip ‘Em Neat – the core of this set is really the cuticle trimmer but it comes with a pusher that I use in place of an orange-wood stick. One end works great as a cuticle pusher and the other end I use to clean under my nails and clean up my edges with a bit of remover or clear polish. It is also great to free up ingrown toenails. For some reason, I’m very susceptible to that. The set retails for $14.99, which is a lot for just one tool, but if you’re more comfortable with a full size cuticle trimmer, it is well worth it.
  • Tweezerman Mini Cuticle & Hangnail Snipper – I picked this up as part of Tweezerman’s Mini Nail Rescue Kit and it’s probably one of the best $20 I’ve ever spent. I prefer this smaller version of a cuticle trimmer because it is much easier for me to work with. Because of its size, I keep it with me in a little makeup bag I have deemed my “nail bag”. At that size, this snipper is super convenient. I also find I go much easier on my nails with this tool compared to a full sized trimmer. If this set is not for you, try the Squeeze and Snip. It’s the same price but I suspect it is also a bit larger.
  • Orly Pusher & Remover – this tool has changed my life in the short amount of time I have had it. I received it in a gift bag from Orly at Cosmoprof after experiencing their Gel FX manicure. Unfortunately I have no idea what it costs or where you can find it, finding more information on this online has been tricky. It is part of the Gel FX line so if you have a beauty supply store near you that sells this, pick it up… you will not regret it. Not only is it great for removing soak off gel color from your nails (if you remove it yourself at home) but it is also fantastic for cleaning up the cuticle area because of its rounded tip, it’s the perfect shape for cleaning up your cuticles.
  • QTica Cuticle Repair Balm – When I remember to slather on a cuticle oil, my cuticles stay fairly neat but let’s face it, the problem is I don’t remember and then end up looking horrible, you’ve seen the proof. I thought CND’s Solar Oil was good but this balm blew my mind the first time I used it, this little jar of goodness can give your cuticles a complete transformation in a matter of hours. A small jar goes for $12 and it is WORTH it, a small dip into the jar gives you plenty of product to moisturize your cuticles with. This is INTENSIVE CARE for your cuticles. With all the digging into files and filling I do on a regular basis with the day job, my cuticles need it!
  • Orly Two Sided Buffer – Like the Pusher & Remover, this buffer is part of the Gel FX line up and I do not know its price. This buffer has a different type of grit on each side, neither of them hard on the nail. I use this buffer to smooth out the ridges in my nails in place of the rough side on the Revlon buffer. I find the size and thickness of this buffer makes it easier for me to work with. I also really like that this buffer is made of the same material from top to bottom, you’re not going to wear away at the grit and leave it looking ratty and useless.
  • Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer – I’ve professed my love for this nail buffer before, I simply cannot get better results from any other nail buffer. This is the product that I have now purchased for a 4th time, which at $4 its really a no brainer. Normally a squeaky noise would drive me crazy but with this nail buffer, the squeaks give me the craziest shine ever. If you were to look at my nails after I’m done using this, you’d swear I had a clear coat of polish on.

So these are all the tools I use before I do my nails, when I do them at home and I use them in this order before any color goes on my nails. Now that I’ve shown you my must haves, what are yours? Let me know in the comments.

New! Tweezerman Betsey Johnson Tweezers

Before moving last week, I had tweezers everywhere… bathroom, bedroom, living room, car! Now that I need a pair, I can’t find one to save my life. I was tempted to go out and just buy another pair but if I just unpack a little bit more, I know 20 pairs will turn up.

Now I’m really tempted to buy a new pair all because of Betsey Johnson’s collaboration with Tweezerman. Aren’t these tweezers pretty? Skulls are not my thing but I’m all about the rose print.  I already know I’m going to love them, after all Tweezerman tweezers are my trusted go-to tweezers. How about you, will you be picking up a pair?

New! Tweezerman Sole Mates Foot File & Smoother

Tweezerman is a trusted brand in my book, they make my favorite pair of tweezers and my makeup bag favorite, the petite manicure set.  When I saw the Tweezerman Sole Mates Foot File and Smoother in Sephora recently, I snapped it up immediately… surely they improved on the whole PedEgg idea, right?

Well, yes and no. The Sole Mates Foot File and Smoother is a two-piece stainless steel micro-file and a finishing file that fit together. The design of the micro-file and finishing file is great, that is a huge plus in its favor. I love the way they fit together and the magnets in each piece help them stay together. Each piece is sleek and much easier to use than the PedEgg, in my opinion. It is easier to grip and fits much better in my hands.

While the micro-file does the job as intended, the finishing file side leaves a little to be desired for me. Unfortunately, dry heels are just a fact of life for me and I need a file with a little more oomph to it. The finishing file is good for smoothing over areas you just passed over with the micro-file if your heels are not as damaged but if you’re looking to do a little more than that, you might want to bring out a grittier foot file.

Have you tried this Tweezerman Sole Mates Foot File & Smoother? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

Tweezerman Matchbox Itty Bitty Files

You know when you buy something, you forget about it and then one day you find it and suddenly love it? That’s how I feel about Tweezerman Matchbox Itty Bitty Files. I’m always picking something up out of the cheap bins at Ulta and this made its way into my basket.

Let’s talk about the packaging for a minute… isn’t it adorable? From the size, to the pattern on the files and the matchbox case, it is love from start to finish. Without even opening the box, I picked them up thinking they were the old school thin emery boards I use to find in my mom’s drawers. I wasn’t expecting top notch quality, just something cheap I could put in my desk at work in case of an emergency. When I actually went to open the box, I found mini sturdy nail files that definitely make getting a box an absolute bargain. I liked them so much that I actually started handing them out to people at the office.

Each box has 12 mini nail files and each nail file has 2 filing surfaces to shape and smooth your nails with. I think I’m replacing the Filemate in my hangbag with these cute Matchbox Itty Bitty Files. Why care something bigger when this will do the job in a pinch?

New! Tweezerman Mini Brow Kit

One of the best $20 I ever spent was on Tweezerman’s Petite Manicure Set, this goes with me everywhere. Now Tweezerman has done it again with their Mini Brow Kit. Not to brag but I am fortunate enough that I don’t need to do much to my brows. That doesn’t mean then don’t need to be reigned in from time to time and this brow kit is perfect for my needs.

This set includes a mini slat tweezer, a mini Browmousse (their version of brow gel, a mini Eyenhance highlighting pencil and a mini brow shaping brush. It is all housed in a travel-friendly case perfect for a carry on or your handbag.

I’m curious about the new Browmousse and Eyehance products from Tweezerman… nice to see them introduce some new besides tools.

Pretty in Pink with Tweezerman

Even though it’s now November, no reason to stop shopping pink, right? Tweezerman’s Pretty in Pink collection has got you covered in the grooming department. From brows, to nails to feet, they’ll help you stay pretty.

Tweezerman Pretty in Pink Collection

This limited edition collection comes in pink, Sephora’s top selling color and it can only be found there. It features a travel mirror with 10x magnification, a Pedro callus stone, a deluxe nail trimmer, slanted tweezers, pointed tweezers, pointed slanted tweezers, a file, a callus shaver and a petite manicure set.

I picked up a few of these things but my favorite of the bunch is the Petite Manicure Set. love the mini cuticle and hangnail trimmer, it’s so much easier to use than a than a full sized cuticle trimmer… at least for me. I’ve had this in my bag with me ever since I got it and it’s been extremely handy. It’s definitely worth picking up.

Shop Pink: Tweezerman's BCA Slant Tweezers

Tweezerman BCA Slant Tweezers Aren’t these tweezers adorable? You already know Tweezerman makes good tweezers so now you can pick up a pair to support Breast Cancer Awareness. With all the cute little pink bows all over each pair, how could you not? 🙂

Tweezerman will donate $1 from each purchase of their BCA Slant Tweezers to the Breast Cancer Research Fund and you can never have too many pairs of tweezers, at least that’s the case in my house… we have at least 4 pairs floating around at any given time!

Don’t forget that Tweezerman has free sharpening as long as the pair of tweezers are in good condition. I’m getting ready to send a few pairs in for sharpening now, I’ll let you know how that goes.

Go Green with Tweezerman

Tweezerman Go Green Mini Slant Tweezers What gal doesn’t need a pair of tweezers? Tweezerman’s Go Green Mini Slant Tweezers are perfect for Earth Day. These tweezers are a smaller size to save on production, the packaging is 100% recyclable and uses soy ink for it’s printing. Also, $1.00 from every sale goes to the National Arbor Foundation. This means that with every “Go Green” tweezer purchased, a new tree is planted. That’s definitely a good reason to tweeze.

Another thing that’s good to know is that Tweezerman offers free sharpening as long as your tweezers are dull due to normal use. I have a few pairs I could send for sharpening myself. Check back with us on Monday, we’ll be giving away a few pairs of Tweezerman’s limited edition Animal Prints tweezers.