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Sneak Peek: Trish McEvoy's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Exclusives

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is practically a holiday in our books — we look forward to seeing all of the amazing beauty exclusives and deals. Today we’re showing you a preview of Trish McEvoy’s beauty exclusives. Get excited!

Purple! Croc! Petite Planner! Love it – and it is jam-packed with:

  • NEW Warming Brightening Quad
  • NEW Glaze Eye Shadows: Gilded Taupe and Gilded Lily
  • NEW Eye Shadows Lily and Suede
  • Travel-size Classic Eye Pencil Black
  • NEW Irresistible Lip Gloss Nude Shimmer

Carla and I are dying over this set! It includes:

  • NEW Beauty Emergency Card for eyes  (love these!)
  • NEW Dual Ended Eye Brush (Brush 50 Angled Eyelining/Brush 40 Medium Laydown)
  • NEW Instant Eye Lift (so intrigued for this product!)
  • Travel-size Eye Base Essentials Bare
  • Travel-size Lash Enhancer Nightime Conditioning Treatment
  • Travel-size High Volume Mascara

The 2010 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts on Friday, July 16, which also happens to be my birthday. That day will be a perfect storm of beauty indulgence. We’re officially excited!

Product Girl Faves: The Best of Spring Beauty

Spring weather is here, which means summer beauty is soon to be in full-swing. But before we start lathering on sunscreen and bronzer, we thought we’d give a nod to our favorite products from spring, before they disappear from counters and lose that top spot in our makeup bags. We may say this every season, but there were so many amazing beauty products in spring collections. It really was very difficult to narrow down the best of the best. But here goes, in no particular order…

Chanel Spring 2010 Collection – this Chanel Spring collection had us at “hello”, it is classic and totally wearable. It was packed full of neutral shades ranging from pink and beige to warm brown and khaki, shades that would look good on any woman. We loved practically everything about it, including the now famous Le Vernis in Particuliere. This is the greige nail color that started it all a few months ago and was all the rage. We definitely fell for it and even found a great dupe along the way.

Laura Mercier Radiant Creme Cheek ColorProduct Girl should almost be synonymous with “addicted to highlighters.” We really have a thing for them and this lovely creme highlighter from Laura Mercier’s Polished collection is well, radiant. Three-fourth’s of the pan is a peachy pink highlighter, a tiny strip of metallic gold and the remaining fourth is a cranberry red. Mixed together it is a beautiful blush, but it’s almost too pretty to do that so we’ve been playing it safe and using it primarily as a highlighter and lovely it is.

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New! Trish McEvoy All About Eyes Collection

Trish McEvoy’s newest Nordstrom exclusive – the All About Eyes Collection – has got us drooling over here! This kit is jampacked with a ton of amazing products, all for $68. Here’s the details:

  • Eye Base Essentials in Demure Sparkle – This is Trish’s newest eye base from the Demure collection – a beautiful shimmery pink, full-size.
  • Line Refiner – The aptly-named “magic moisture wand” that I’m obsessed with – and this apepars to be a full-size tube!
  • Antique Silver Eye Definer Pencil – A charcoal shade of the double-duty shadow/liner pencil, full-size.
  • High Volume Mascara – A deluxe sample of Trish’s long-wearing, tubing mascara.
  • Lash Enhancer Nighttime Conditioning Treatment – A new product not slated to be released until April. This is a deluxe sample and it supposedly creates longer, fuller, darker lashes in 4-6 weeks! Um…sign me up.

This should be making its way to Nordstrom counters quickly. I believe it was released just in advance of spring trend shows, which are kicking off this weekend. Pretty sure I’ll succumb to this collection so I will report back in full!

Trish McEvoy Line Refiner: The Magic Moisture Wand

Like many women, I carry way too much stuff in my purse. But you never know when you’ll need floss, a dozen lip glosses, a Tide pen and an extra pair of wool socks. Periodically (usually when my shoulders ache) I clean it out and remove some of the tonnage. But the one thing that I must have on me at all times is Trish McEvoy’s Line Refiner. Trish calls it the pocket-perfect magic moisture wand and I couldn’t agree with that description more.

Last summer I went to a Trish McEvoy event at Blue Mercury in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. I got my makeup done and bought a few items – the Lash Curling mascara and a lip gloss I believe. I was all ready to go, just waiting for my friend to finish getting her makeup done. In the meantime, I got to chatting with one of the Trish artists – an attractive man with the best skin I’ve ever seen. Really amazing skin – I was jealous.  Mid-conversation he pulled out this little tube and began dabbing it underneath his eyes. He turned around and had this dewy glow under his eyes and it was at that moment that I was introduced to the Line Refiner. I immediately began asking him what he had just done and he told me it was his go-to refresher and how it was packed with tons of vitamins and that it could be used to plump up lines or where you most need moisture –  the whole face is game.

I bought the product on the spot (literally without even seeing how much it cost, eek!) and have made it my mission to tell everyone I know about it – especially men. I even did a demo of it on my male boss who probably thought I was a total nut. But you know what, he looked more refreshed after! The Line Refiner retails for $36 and while it’s a small tube, I’ve been going strong with it since last summer. Definitely a worthy splurge for me – I don’t leave home without it!

New! Trish McEvoy Little Black Card – Champagne Truffles Face Palette

Of course the other counter I wandered over to was the Trish McEvoy counter… I can’t seem to set foot in Nordstrom without wandering over there. I was hoping to see the Demure collection in person (it won’t be on counters until early spring) and I ended up bring this Champagne Truffles Little Black Card Face Palette home with me instead, I could not resist it. This Little Black Card is going to be one of my best friends at Fashion Week next month… at least that was what I told myself when I was handing over my debit card. 🙂

In the top row it includes Natural Blush, Champagne Shimmer Powder, Shell Eye Shadow, new Truffle Eye Shadow and new Charcoal Diamond Eye Definer. The image makes it look a little more pink than it really is but believe me, it is more neutral than it appears… and Charcoal Diamond is gorgeous, think black eyeshadow with a hint of blue-green sparkle.

Then in the bottom row we have Natural and Honey Brightening Line Minimizing Concealer and for the lips there is Matte Pink Rose Lip Color, Simply Glamorous Lip Gloss and Sexy Pearl Beauty Booster SPF 15 Lip Gloss. Normally, I do not go for light pink lip color but I was surprised to see that I could pull this off pretty well. This pink would brighten up anyone’s complexion.

Where are my Trish girls at? I know you’re out there…

Product Girl 2009 Favorite Beauty Products – Face and Palettes

Our favorite beauty products of the year continues with our must-haves for our faces and top-picks for palettes! We saw a lot of new foundations released this past year, with the trend no longer being just coverage but good-for-you ingredients. See what stood our for us below!

Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer was a favorite of Carla’s this year. If this multi-tasking concealer is good enough to cover up Miss Von D’s tattoos, imagine what it can hide on your complexion?

We were wowed by Benefit Hello Flawless and Benefit Erase Paste. Together, the two create a flawless (uh, pun intended!) canvas. Plus, Benefit’s packaging and marketing is top-notch, don’t you think? We always look forward to seeing what they’re bringing next.

We fell hard for Dior Nude Skin Foundation and NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, both giving excellent, buildable coverage without looking like we’re wearing foundation or irritating our sensitive skin.

The standout of MAC’s Colour Ready collection, Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder Powder, is our pick for best powder of 2009. This stuff is the perfect finisher to foundation and helps set our faces without mattifying us completely. And it’s part of the permanent line, thank you MAC… a few swipes of this with a brush and our pores are instantly minimized.

TheBalm Sexy Mama helped keep Carla’s skin shine free the year before so she re-upped and kept with it in 2009.  The adorable pinup girl may reel you in but this translucent powder is bringing sexy matte without caking.


We have a major thing for highlighters here at Product Girl HQ. Major. We could probably change the name of this blog to Highlighter Girl and get along just fine. But even we have our favorites. Bobbi Brown’s Nude Shimmer Brick may just be the best Shimmer Brick of all time. This gives that “lit from within” glow and is so easy to wear. It’s love. One of our most recent favorites, Le Tissage de Lames Chanel imparts a brightening gold sheen and is our pick for most luxurious.

Benefit’s One Hot Minute has been a revelation to us this year. Take your pick, use it as a bronzer or use it as a highligher, the gorgeous rose gold shimmer can work as either on a variety of skin tones. And how cute is the tin? Loving it…

MAC’s Rose Romance collection made a dent in our wallets and included an amazing cheek stain – Just a Pinch Gel Blush. It’s a sheer rosy red that gives a natural flush to cheeks. We would so looove to see more of these released! What do you say, MAC? Will we see more?

Another MAC blush that captured hearts in ’09 was The Perfect Cheek, released with MAC’s Fall launch, Make Up Art Cosmetics. It’s a tricky line a fair-skinned girl walks when wearing nude blushes (mud alert), but this has the right amount of pink in it to make it well, perfect. (Full of puns today, loud and proud!)

Ok, this is the last time we’ll mention the Trish McEvoy Voyager Beauty Emergency Card or Trish McEvoy… this year. 🙂 We can’t help it, we really, really love it. Pictures really don’t do this little set justice, if your local counter still has it, you need to snap this up… for cuteness sake.

We made some big claims about Dior’s Smoky Crystal quint earlier this month, and we stand by them! These shadows are incredibly smooth and every color in this palette is stunning.

Bobbi Brown has had some great releases this year but one of our favorites is the Bobbi Brown Brights Eye Palette. We love seeing Bobbi show us bolder color and this palette definitely had plenty of that.

Now it’s your turn. What lit up your face in 2009? Any palettes that you can’t get enough of?  Share in the comments!

Trish McEvoy All About Eyes Eyeshadows

And now for the last bit of Trish McEvoy news I have to share with you… the line is introducing new “All About Eyes” eyeshadows. They are a trio of eyeshadows full of sparkle to light and enhance the eyes. The release date I’m given is January 10th but with the delay with the release of the Demure collection, it may a bit longer than that. Or maybe they’ll be released together. At least that is what I’m hoping for.

I have yet to see these in person, I have only seen the images I’m showing you here but don’t the shades look like fun? I can’t wait to checkout Crystal Lame. These eyeshadows do not come with the compact though, that is sold separately. What do you think? Will you be checking these eyeshadows out?

Trish McEvoy Demure Collection

The Trish McEvoy Demure collection will be hitting counters soon and I cannot wait to see it in person. The information I received said they should be on counters already but I guess it will be another week or so. I can be patient for a little longer, I supose.

This collection features new lip color, a new Eye Base Essential shade (yes!) and two All Over Face Colors. The powders in this collection are available in page or compact formats.  I love building new pages for my planner but haven’t had a reason to start one yet. This new Demure collection will be my excuse. 😉

Here’s what is in this collection:

  • Translucent Finishing Powder – colorless finishing powder for all skin tones.
  • Gorgeous Lip Color in Demure – universally-flattering barely there shade.
  • Irresistible Pink Lip Gloss – lip enhancing formula is lightly flecked with light and delivers a radiant finish.
  • Demure Eye Base Essentials – eye brightener and shadow primer with a dose of  radiance in the perfect pink base.
  • All Over Face Color – multi-tasking face, eye and lip-enhancing luminous cream color delivers instant radiance, available in London or St. Tropez.

Are you a Trish gal? Any of this making its way to your planner? Let us know what’s in your planner in the comments.

Trish McEvoy The Power of Skincare Collection

As much as I love Trish McEvoy, I have yet to try her skincare but I’m definitely considering it now. Laurie let me know about this Trish McEvoy The Power of Skincare Collection and I’m thinking this would be a good way to get started with her skincare. Trish McEvoy is married to a dermatologist after all, so I’m imagining the skincare from her line would be decent, to say the least. Here’s what’s in this collection:

  • Full size Beauty Booster Serum
  • Full size Even Skin™ Beta Hydroxy Pads
  • Treatment Foundation SPF 15 Beige, 5 ml
  • Protective Shield SPF 15 Moisturizer, 1⁄2 oz
  • Gentle Cleansing Wash, 1⁄2 oz
  • #9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk
  • Super Enriched Body Cream, 1⁄2 oz
  • Beauty Booster Cream, 1⁄2 oz
  • 2 Empty, refillable travel containers
  • Signature turquoise skincare bag

So what do you think? Yay or nay? I have tried the Beauty Booster Serum a few times and liked it. By the way, if you’re a Trish gal like I am, check out Beauty411’s interview with Trish McEvoy! There’s more Trish goodness to come later today.

Product Girl Must-Haves – November


Another month has gone by and there’s been a few beauty products that received a lot of love and attention in November. Let’s have a little chat about these beauty wonders!

NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Goddess – Love, love, LOVE this pencil. It’s a creamy eye shadow pencil that NARS recommends using as a base for powder shadows. It’s a shimmery pink color with a champagne hue. It’s not unlike my other must-have Stila Kitten Smudgepot, just  slightly more pink and not quite as shimmery. This is so easy to use and it’s a multi-tasker. I love it under shadows, ala NARS recommendation, and I love it smudged along the inner corner of my eye or  just by itself. It sets quickly – which means it stays put and doesn’t migrate all over my lid.

Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash – Evenly Gorgeous…sounds good to me! Carla’s been lathering up with this and says this body wash has real exfoliation without being very abrasive or harsh. Plus it has a good lather to it so you don’t need to follow up with shower gel. And Carla swears by the yummy smells –  lots of shea butter and brown sugar goodness in there.

Chanel La Vernis, Vendetta – I have gotten into a nice routine of painting my nails every Sunday night so I have a fresh mani for the week ahead at work. It’s a nice routine to get into and as a result, I can paint my right hand almost as well as my left – which makes me very happy! I like variety so I normally choose a different color but Vendetta was my go-to almost all month long. It works with one coat or two for a more deep purple. Love it.

Trish McEvoy’s Voyager Beauty Emergency Card – Carla’s been in a steamy love affair with Trish McEvoy these past few months, and in turn, Trish has her back. Admittedly, Carla is addicted to all things Trish McEvoy and she had to have this little mini planner with brushes and Voyager beauty emergency card. She says it’s the perfect size to carry around and has great go-to colors that will work on everyone – perfect! I have to agree here – I just ordered this for myself!

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizing Cream Cleanser – I wash my face a lot because I’m pretty diligent about removing all makeup residue from my face. Nothing too obsessive, but enough that I like to have a more gentle cleanser in my shower so I’m not irritating my skin. Aveeno’s cream cleanser fits that bill. I love to use this in the morning, especially now that the frigid temps are in and the dry air is attacking my face. It’s like lotion – and if you’re not removing any makeup it is a dreamy cleanser. For removing makeup, I bring in the big guns! My husband likes it too I think, I notice that the bottle keeps moving around our shower:)

There goes our favorites this past month! What about you? Do tell!

DISCLOSURE: Chanel Vendetta was sent for consideration by the manufacturer; Aveeno Ultra-Calming Cream Cleanser and Caress Evenly Gorgeous were sent for consideration by PR brand reps. The other products were purchased directly by Product Girl.