April TRIA Laser Hair Removal Update

My first post-TRIA warm weather (a.k.a. bathing suit) vacation is coming up next week. I haven’t been in a bathing suit since pre-TRIA, and I’m kinda jazzed. Both for a vacation where I can lounge poolside and the part where I have less underarm hair. That’s officially a less, not a none.  My DIY at-home laser hair removal journey continues, but I remain hopeful that soon I will be hair free.

In March, I said I felt like I was in a holding pattern. I would describe the past four weeks that way as well. I notice hair follicles are a little patchy, but the work is not done. It’s been nearly 6 months of bi-weekly (and 6 weeks of weekly) treatments. My hairs are stubborn!

When I first signed on to chronicle my experience with TRIA, I agreed to post over the course of six months. Today is kind of like “graduation day” except I still have a few credits to earn before I get that diploma. But ladies, I am determined to graduate. I’ll be checking in again to let you know officially when my hairs are GONE!

Hair removal lasers are one of the only options to remove hair permanently. If you’re not up for messing with dr. appointments (and more pain, I believe), check out the TRIA. Here’s where I stand on the device after using it since November.

  • TRIA is made for women with lives. It takes about 4 minutes total (2 min. per underarm), so there’s always time to fit it in.
  • It travels well. Just make sure to charge up the battery.
  • Along those lines….charge the battery. You never want it to stop on you mid-treatment.
  • No pain. It really doesn’t hurt at all. There are five settings so if you are sensitive you can adjust based on your preferences. I’m comfortable at “4.”
  •  Be patient. Hair doesn’t disappear overnight.

If you’re just joining us, check out my previous TRIA updates to track my progress from the beginning.

*Disclosure: TRIA provided us the system free-of-charge. I’m documenting my experience over the course of six months. All opinions and experiences are my own.

March TRIA Laser Hair Removal Update

Last month, about four weeks to the date, I said spring felt closer than ever. I was so right! How exciting is this, guys? I’m concerned about what consistent 80-degree temps in Chicago in March mean for the planet, but I totally dig it. How can I not? Anyone else with me?  When I first started the TRIA process last November, spring was truly a pipe dream. I didn’t know what to expect but I was committed to giving it my best effort. Which is easy to do with the TRIA, thankfully.

March threw some challenges. I’ve been so rigid about every other Saturday, even setting up calendar reminders to keep me on track, but I had some travel that fell over the weekends. My solution? Pack up the TRIA and bring it with me! It’s very portable. I opted not to bring the charger (mainly because I forgot) and luckily the battery lasted. That is something I’ve had challenges with at home (because I often forget to juice up the device!), so I was happy that it didn’t quit on me mid-treatment.

The theme of March really is change. Not only did I travel with the TRIA but I also began using it weekly on the underarm. I decided to do that because I’m impatient. If I’m being honest!  It’s not that I’m not seeing results, it’s just not like the flip of a switch. I no longer have a need to shave every day under the arm – which is a change from the last 4-6 weeks – but my thinking is I can speed it up. I still see hair, but I notice it’s sparser. I think it’s because I’m so excited that I’m watching it more closely now. I see the finish line ahead, but know that I still have to get there.

Did anyone take advantage of the TRIA promotion we offered earlier this month? Would love to hear if any of you are using this or have any questions! Let us know. And, if you’re just joining us now, here’s a link to our previous TRIA updates.

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*Disclosure: TRIA provided us the system free-of-charge. I’m documenting my experience over the course of six months. All opinions and experiences are my own.

Exclusive TRIA Promotion for Product Girl Readers

Based on the response from my last TRIA update, many of you are interested in living life shave-free. And based on my progress, the TRIA is a means to that end. It’s simple, pain-free…but an investment, yet. The folks at TRIA were also thrilled to hear that so many of you are considering giving the device a try, so they’re offering Product Girl readers a special promotion this month!

Starting today, March 5, through March 19, TRIA is offering $50 off the TRIA Hair Removal Laser with code PRODUCTGIRL at checkout at TriaBeauty.com.

Get it girls!

Also, if you want to read about my experience with TRIA, click here.

Note: I’m participating in a six-month review of the TRIA. I’m not being compensated in any way for this post, or if you purchase this device.

February TRIA Update + a Giveaway!

Maybe because it’s the “year of no winter” (according to Chicago’s favorite weatherman Tom Skilling), but spring feels closer than ever. The topics of conversation at work and among friends have gone from “ski trips” and “ice fishing” (I associate with a lot of Minnesotans — this is a real activity that people actually do FOR FUN) to “summer wardrobe” and “St. Patrick’s Day” (which is officially the unofficial start of “spring”). Me, I’m just excited to enter the summer season with LESS HAIR on my underarm (but more on my head. Still growing it out!) And with that, here’s the February TRIA update.

In my first piece of official update news: results continue!! Wahoo! The momentum I gained last month is getting stronger, and I’m really noticing that my underarm hair is growing in slower and sparser. I do still see growth after a few days, but it’s noticeably less. I still have a ways to go, but I’m getting somewhere and that makes me very happy. Random but relevant observation to share — I think my left underarm is seeing better results by a smidge. It could be that – my hair there is less or I’m doing a better job with the TRIA on that side. As for my bikini line, I think I’m noticing some results. It’s just more difficult to actually see (you know what I’m saying?). Also, I use a lower setting (2 vs. 4) down there because it’s just more sensitive skin. And that’s about as much as I’m interested in sharing about my bikini line. Moving on to…

….The second piece of official news: I (hopefully) talked someone off a Groupon for another “at-home laser removal.” It wasn’t TRIA, and that’s all I needed to know to say “eh…maybe you better not.” TRIA remains the only FDA-cleared device for at-home laser hair removal, and after blasting myself with a laser beam twice a month since November, I feel good knowing it’s been rigorously tested. Just don’t mess with that other business. And, if you really want to try it then you should know….

…. WE ARE GIVING AWAY A TRIA!!! Saved the best for last, of course.  Before you enter, though, we ask that you consult with the “Is This Right for Me” tab on the TRIA website and make sure your skin type and hair color will respond to the device. If so, leave a comment on this post to enter to win. We’ll pick a winner at random at the end of the day on Friday, February 24.

Good luck!

Follow along with my TRIA journey here:

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*Disclosure: TRIA provided me the system free-of-charge. I’m documenting my experience over the course of six months. All opinions and experiences are my own.

**Congrats to Emily, the winner of the TRIA!

January TRIA Update: Progress and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen

Since we’ve last talked TRIA, I’ve experienced a major breakthrough. I’M SEEING RESULTS! I’m officially in my third month, and have completed five treatments to date. My underarm hair is noticeably more sparse. It’s in the single digits in Chicago right now—–shaving my underarms is clearly not a necessary daily activity. Still, under normal, pre-TRIA circumstances, skipping just didn’t feel right because of my rapid hair growth. That isn’t the case anymore, and I am thrilled. SERIOUSLY excited.

I’ve been continuing the treatments at “Level 4” on my underarm and at 2 or 3 on my bikini line. Sometimes I think my skin is more sensitive at times. While “4” is not at all painful, there are moments I feel more.  Just an observation. I think the cold is getting to me. I blame winter for everything.

I wonder what setting Tiffani-Amber Thiessen uses her TRIA at. Did ya hear? Tiffani is the new spokesperson for TRIA. I LOVE her. I’m partial to Tiffiani as Valerie Malone.  You?

On her new partnership with TRIA, she says, “I became familiar with the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System at the end of 2011 and was excited about the convenience it provided to me, particularly as a working mother.”

Amen, sister. TRIA is convenient. It’s easy to stick to a schedule because this is portable and takes five minutes (just make sure to charge it up before each use — I learned the hard way halfway through my left underarm the second time!)

*Disclosure: TRIA provided us the system free-of-charge. I’m documenting my experience over the course of six months. All opinions and experiences are my own.

TRIA Laser Hair Removal At-Home, December Update

It’s been about a month since I began using the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System. TRIA has given me the opportunity to test the technology of laser hair removal in my own home, and I’m chronicling my experience over the course of six months.  I’ve officially done two treatments, and am about to do my third this weekend.  

Getting started was easy. And official. You have to register your device over the phone with a TRIA representative, and they also give you a few tips on charging the device, turning it on, etc. To even use the hair removal laser, you first must unlock it with the built-in skin sensor. It also came fully charged, which was nice.

I’m a fan of doing my treatments on Saturday mornings. There is some prep work involved, so morning seems most convenient. You need to shave the areas you are treating, and have no lotion or deodorant on. I am doing my underarm area and bikini line. I was a little nervous before the first treatment, thinking, is this going to hurt? There are five settings (1 being the lightest and 5 the strongest), so I just started at #1. I did a spot test on my upper thigh to test the settings, and was pleasantly surprised when I went up to a 5 and felt what was the equivalent of a rubber band barely snapping against my skin. Emphasis on the “barely” — yay for pain free!

For my underarms, I’m able to do it on a “5.” The skin near the bikini line is much more sensitive, so I opt for a “3.” I love that the TRIA is a “smart” device. It senses your skin, so if you’re not doing it properly or pressing down, it will not emit the laser. Also, what to expect? It’s just a beep. You just press and it beeps. It’s so fast. To do both areas, it’s less than 10 minutes.

A few other tips/observations:

  • Pay attention! You want to evenly do the “beep and drag” over the entire area you treating, but don’t want to overlap. This is a laser so there is potential you could burn yourself.
  • Stay cool. I thought it was nice that a fan kicked on about halfway through. It knows when it’s getting hot, so a fan keeps the device cool. It doesn’t ever feel too hot.
  • Consistency. In order to see results and take advantage of the at-home convenience, it’s important to use it every other week and follow the rules. That’s why I chose Saturday mornings. And I set calendar reminders to go off the Friday before so I remember!

I’m too early on to see any true results, but I’m happy with it so far. I am very excited to see results though!

I’ll be back in January with another TRIA update!

Let's Do This: TRIA Laser Hair Removal System, Part One

I’m all about the DIY beauty and skincare treatments at home. I recreate a serene spa-like atmosphere in my bathtub almost every night, and religiously give myself manicures every Sunday. So naturally, I’m very excited to try laser hair removal at home as well. This “medi-spa” twist to my at-home beauty routine is courtesy of TRIA, the only FDA-cleared laser hair removal system that delivers permanent results at home.

The TRIA Hair Removal Laser is designed to work on medium to dark body hair and fair to medium skin tones. This describes me to a T, so I’m hoping for good results! I totally get a 5 o’clock shadow in my underarm area and it’s a serious annoyance, especially in the summer. So that is where I will be starting with the TRIA. I can’t even imagine a morning (and sometimes an evening) without shaving my underarms, so I am thrilled at the thought. Important to note, the TRIA is only intended for use below the neck — so absolutely no zapping away at any rogue facial hairs.

In order to see results, the TRIA must be used every other week for six months. I am going to be your guinea pig with this process, and chronicle my experience with the TRIA from now until next April. To keep myself on track with the bi-weekly treatments, I’ve already set up calendar reminders. Wish me luck…and stay tuned!