Glamour To Go

Too Faced's Glamour to Go I saw this at Nordstrom’s last week and I thought to myself… “this is a good deal!” This is Too Faced’s Glamour to Go palette. Considering their eyeshadow goes for $17, for $18.50 you have an eyeshadow quad and 6 lipsticks. Who gives you all this for less than $20? I wasn’t too crazy about the lipsticks. Most of the shades were a little too pink for me but I really liked the eyeshadows. The colors would make for a nice, soft, everyday look. I’m a big fan of their Label Whore eyeshadow and I imagine these eyeshadows are just as good. This is a Nordstrom’s exclusive.

Too Faced Liquif-Eye Shadow Collection Speaking of eyeshadow, this has been around for a little while and I kept meaning to say something about it… might as well do it now. This is Too Faced’s Liquif-Eye Shadow Collection, an eyeshadow palette with 12 shades and their Liquif-Eye transformer that turns eyeshadow into eyeliner. I haven’t tried this myself but I’m tempted to get it everytime I set foot in Sephora. If nothing else, it’s a good way to sample 12 of their eyeshadows for a good price.

Do You Like Pop Rocks?

Toofaced_frozenlotion_1 Then you’ll love this product. Let’s say you have spent the whole day outside in the sun. How about a way to cool down quickly? Too Faced Frozen Lotion has come up with a really fun product that will get the job done. The outside of the bottle is cute, can’t you picture that drawing on some type of t-shirt?

This lotion has almost a mousse consistency to it and once you put it on, your skin is instantly soothed and cooled down. That’s not the fun part though, spread it around your arms and you’ll get a kick out of the texture. It actually feels like you’re spreading pop rock candy on your arms. Once you’re done, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by sparkle this lotion has left behind.

At $22.00 a bottle, this is a little expensive for my taste but it’s definitely worth a try next time you’re at your favorite makeup counter.