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Too Faced Beauty Balm Face-Off: Challenge Accepted

When Too Faced presented its new Tinted Beauty Balm and asked us to measure it against our daily foundation routine, we invoked two words often spoken by one of the greatest television characters ever (HIMYM’s Barney Stinson): CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!  Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm is the brand’s version of a “BB Cream.” The adaption of this product […]

Currently Loving for Summer: Monochromatic Bronze Makeup

Over the long holiday weekend, I found myself reaching for a familiar few products to give me a bronzed look with a touch of shimmer. It’s an easy summer look that feels natural that takes no more than five minutes. I’ve been a stickler for skin care this summer. Determined not to get too much […]

Beauty VIP of the Week: Eye Brightening Pencils

You guys, I’m living for the eye brightening pencil this week. I’ve happily added another step into my morning beauty routine and find it is well worth the 10 seconds (each eye) that it takes. I’m in a rut, which I blame on winter. I look tired, even though I’m well-concealed and brightened, and eyeliner […]

Too Faced’s Love Lisa Luxury Lip Balm with SPF 15

I was just about to check out when I was in Ulta on Monday when I saw this adorable little Too Faced Love Lisa Luxury Lip Balm with SPF15. Even though I need another lip balm like I need a hole in the head, I thought I’d pick it up anyhow… it gave me a […]

Shop Pink: Too Faced’s Betsy Baby Eyeshadow Duo

Out of all of the products I’ve seen this month for Breast Cancer Awareness, this eyeshadow duo is the one product that intrigues me the most. I love the story behind it. Too Faced’s founder Jerrod Blandino is close friends with Sephora’s very own Sr. VP of Marketing Betsy Olum. When Betsy was diagnosed with […]

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