The Tom Ford Beauty Collection Unveiled

Source: WWD

Our first look at Tom Ford’s upcoming makeup collection were released by Women’s Wear Daily recently, rumors of this collection have been floating around for months. Now we know a little bit more about the line and can its packaging and campaign ads for debut in September. The campaign images feature the ever dashing Mr. Ford and model Lara Stone. This is the same Lara that Deborah Lippmann named Lara’s Theme for.

The collection will expand its now beloved Private Blend Lip Color Collection from 12 to 18 shades and also has a little bit of skincare to compliment the makeup. Products in the launch will include Traceless Foundation Stick, Illuminating Protective Primer, Intensive Infusion Concentrate Extreme  and Purifying Creme Cleanser. There will also be two new fragrances: Santal Blush and Jasmin Rouge. Pricing for the collection ranges from $30 to $250 and for the fragrances it ranges from $195 to $475. This will be available in Tom Ford stores around the world, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenues. This gal is praying to the Makeup Gods that it will also be available at Nordstrom.

My intention was to do color cosmetics out of the gate, but not everyone else was convinced that I had a voice in color until the lipsticks started selling out again and again.” Who were these people that were not convinced? This will most likely be the most anticipated release of the year.

Tom Ford White Suede Perfume

When Tom Ford introduced his Private Blend White Musk collection last September, I almost lost my mind. I completely adore musk fragrances and to hear about a collection with 4 variations of it? OMG!


I was sent a sample of White Musk and my friend Lea and I both fell in love with it and I ended up sharing my sample with her, which I didn’t want to do but I’m a good friend. Since then, I’ve picked up a bottle of White Suede and I use it sparingly… it is very special to me and I want it to last. 🙂

This fragrance features notes of Bulgarian rose, saffron, thyme, lily-of-the-valley, white leather, suede, amber, sandalwood, and musk. It is described as exploring the “masculine-feminine” tension of musk but to me it doesn’t seem that masculine, this seems to be more feminine if anything. With notes of rose at the top and lily at the base, this softness would seem a little odd to me on a man. This is a quote from the line that I really like:

The intention was to build on the true beauty of musk, which is not at all heavy or dirty, but has a deep, compelling softness. Inhaling pure musk is a bit like inhaling nude skin.”

This is right on and exactly why I love musks so much. The White Musk collection features four different scents: White Suede, Jasmine Musk, Musk Pure and Urban Musk. While Lea and I disagreed on White Patchouli, we can both agree that this collection is amazing. It is like dying and going to musk heaven. Such a place exists, right?

Have you tried a Tom Ford fragrance? Which one? Tell us about it in the comments.

Product Girl 2009 Favorite Beauty Products – Bath, Body & Fragrance

To wrap up our favorite products for 2009, we’re reviewing our picks for bath and body and perfume.

Lisa Hoffman was high on our list of favorites this year, I happen to be obsessed with everything Lisa Hoffman now thanks to my love of her Madagascar Orchid Variations. Lisa Hoffman Bath Soak is a bath experience. To soak in a tub with her bath soak to love her. The same Madagascar Orchid scent is in this product and it is such a beautiful scent.

The La Mer Body Refiner is smooth skin in a tube. It is infused with diamonds and exfoliates the skin without being harsh. Plus is smells amazing, it has a completely refreshing scent for the shower. It is definitely pricey but I loved my sample so much that I went out and splurged on a tube of this.

Anyone with dry feet knows the “slather in vaseline and put on some socks” trick for softer feet but that doesn’t last very long. I don’t know about you but laying on thick layers of vaseline on a daily basis doesn’t appeal to me. With Barielle Total Foot Care Cream, I put the Vaseline behind me this year. It is effective without having to lay it on thick and does wonders for my heels.

Bath & Body Works Triple Moisture Shower Cream is exactly what it sounds like – moisturizing as can be. This may be B&BWs best formulation yet. Laurie’s a huge fan of this lotion-esque body wash and is currently housing the Twilight Woods scent in her shower.

Both a good buy and a fantastic formula, Vaseline Sheer Infusion was a great new product of ’09. It has multiple layers of moisture (they call it Stratys 3) and absorbs really deeply into the skin. We’re a fan because it doesn’t leave our skin with a thick feeling but has the benefits of a deep moisturizer. The Mineral Renewal is our top pick!

Being musk lovers, Tom Ford White Suede was an immediate hit with us. The whole Tom Ford Private Blend White Musk collection is just beautiful but White Suede is our favorite. We’ll take a closer look at that one soon… I promise.

Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne makes us feel all warm and sultry. This floral features blackberry, rose and sandalwood notes for just the right amount of mystery. It’s completely feminine and totally seductive, just like Paris.

When Kenzo takes one of their best sellers and puts a twist on it, we’re all for it and Kenzo Amour Florale is just such a perfume. The original KenzoAmour is warm and sexy but Kenzo changed it up a little bit. KenzoAmour Florale was introduced with notes of neroli, grapefruit and black currant providing the burst of freshness we were looking for.

Is it the gorgeous bottle or the gorgeous perfume? Well, it’s actually both. Marc Jacobs Lola is a warm floral that Laurie instantly fell in love with at first glance and sniff.

We love Philosophy’s State of Grace perfumes and we loved seeing them add a new perfume to their line of fragrances. Philosophy Unconditional Love is a great addition to their fragrances. If you ask us, the fruitiness in Unconditional Love is just what they needed in their line up.

So that’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our favorite beauty products from 2009. We’ll be back next year with more of our favorites. 😉 We’re excited by all the new collections we’re seeing so 2010 looks like it will be a great year. What have been some of your favorite products this year? We want to hear all about it in the comments.

Tom Ford White Patchouli: You Aren’t in the Haight Ashbury Baby

I will just be blunt. Tom Ford totally lights my fire,  his contributions to the beauty world are visions of grandeur, decadent and beautiful. Mr. Ford takes this industry back to a time of glamour and into an ever so sought after sexy future. With his Tom Ford White Patchouli, he is giving us a classic fragrance…the Chanel #5 of the patchouli world.


The description states it’s a core of patchouli but my favorite moment is when the patchouli acts as a top note strong but fades quickly like the sun dimming behind the mountains at twilight, it’s mesmerizing. I love how the quick intensity calms under tones of soft white flowers and then is gently swaddled in delicate warm woods leaving my skin softly kissed for the day. Tom Ford has used fragrant notes to convey to one woman a very alluring story. Thank you Mr. Ford, someday I will venture into your world of Private Blends. I’m sure there are some very beautiful fragrances to be swept away in.