Susan Posnick Colorforever

Susan Posnick ColorForever is a long wearing lip color with lip color on one end and conditioner on the other end. The pigment in this product is interesting, it reminds me of a stain. It has enough pigment to deposit color on the lips but it is also strong enough to build up an intensity, which I really like. The texture of the color is not too thick but if you don’t let it fully dry before applying the conditioner, it gets a little sticky. The conditioner itself is moisturizing and gloss but not tacky. There is a little stickiness with it but I figure that’s par for the course.

Susan Posnick Colorforever When it comes to performance, this product didn’t wear as long as I expected. While I loved the color at first, mere hours into wearing this, the color started to fade. I tried this with my lip balm du jour and with the product’s own conditioner and the results were the same. I loved that the color didn’t flake off my lips but it definitely is not transfer resistant, which I think is to be expected with any lip color claiming to be long wearing. By the end of the day, I was left with stained lips.

Another aspect of this product that was a little unexpected is it’s scent. Both the color and conditioner smell like fruit but not “fresh fruit” as it says. When I went to drink or eat anything, I taste this on my lips and it was a little unpleasant… imagine fruit scented hairspray, that’s the taste I had in my mouth. I hope they decide to do something about this because a gal is not trying to plan her drinks and meals around what lip color she’s wearing.

Let the ColorFlo

Lately, I have been all about mineral powder foundation. It just works well for me; I have long lasting coverage that’s really easy to apply. When I found something that gave me portability and convenience as well, I snapped it up right away.

Susan Posnick's ColorFlo Susan Posnick’s ColorFlo mineral powder foundation has the portability I’ve been looking for. It comes with a self-dispensing refillable brush and you can control your coverage based on how you use the brush. You can stiple the brush over your skin for fuller coverage or simply sweep over the face for sheerer coverage. The brush itself is not the softest brush I have ever used but I’ve found that it does not irritate my skin as I buff away. With just one click, I have all the foundation I need for the day. It does settle in any lines and it doesn’t look cakey if I apply more foundation on top of it. I’ve actually been skipping concealer because I find the results I’m getting with the foundation are better. Added bonus: it doesn’t settle in my under eye area as other concealer does.

There is a drawback here… the price. At a whopping $64, this is a very pricey foundation but here’s why; you’re paying half of that for the applicator. After that, you can purchase $32 refills with your shade. I had a problem with the price at first but I ahead anyway, I knew it would be much cheaper when I went for the refill, but still. Given that the brush isn’t a spectacularly high quality brush, I have to wonder about this pricing. I’ll let you be the judge of whether the price is right for you or not.