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Get Prepped for NYE with the St. Tropez Golden Glow Kit

Pale and proud. That’s my motto in the winter. But even I admit, a winter tan is such a special treat (and a way to fight SAD!) I can think of no more convenient time to break out the St. Tropez than for New Year’s Eve. Consider the new St. Tropez Golden Glow Kit your […]

Faux Glowing: The Best Self Tanners at Every Price

Sunless tanning is a way of life. From the maintenance, like regular exfoliation, and of course, proper application. No sugar coating here, a lot can go wrong in the self tanning process. Everything from streaking and patchy spots to orange skin and burnt looking hands. It’s all of these factors that lead me to take great pride in my faux […]

An Oldie but a Goodie

One reason that I love the holidays is that its so much fun dressing up for parties. When else do you get to wear a fabulous satin bejeweled mini-dress? Given the season, it is reasonable to pull off the look with Scarlett-Johansson-like pasty pale legs. I personally choose to go the opposite route. A nice […]

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