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Sprayology Sale on HauteLook Today

Flu-shot, shmu-shot. Forget the cold meds and other Rx remedies, and instead, stock up on Sprayology’s homeopathic sprays to aid your mission to be healthy and energized during the doldrums of winter. HauteLook will be featuring several Sprayology sets and single sprays starting today, January 4, for about 30% off retail.

After the major relief I got from Sprayology Allergease during a spring bout with hay fever, these get my endorsement.

HauteLook VP of Beauty Paula Scandone is a huge fan of these sprays, too. Paula says, “I can’t live without these homeopathic sprays, especially during the holiday season! The “Party Girl Must-Haves” are full of vitamins and nutrients that improve mood, prevent and relieve hangovers, and support weight loss naturally with just a couple of sprays under the tongue.”

Here’s what will be available on HauteLook:

The Kits (all full size):

  • Party Girl Must Haves: Party Relief, Woman Power & Diet Power ($75 retail)
  • Daily Health Essentials: Body Balance, B-12, Immunobooster ($65 retail)   
  • Rise & Shine Sleep Essentials: SleepEase, Stress Relief & B-12 ($65 retail) 
  • Weight Loss Essentials: Diet Power, Life Detoxer & Daily Multi ($70 retail)

Also, some of Paula Scandone’s favorite sprays will be sold as full-size singles, also at about 30% off retail price:

  • Diet Power ($32 retail)
  • SleepEase ($22 retail)     
  • Party Relief ($22 retail)

Sale begins at 8am pacific. Click here to get in on the action.

Sprayology's AllergEase Keeps the Sniffles Away

If you suffer from allergies, chances are this year has been especially tough on you. I know it has been for me, and my allergies are relatively mild living in Chicago. Now living in Washington, DC…that was another story.  Usually to combat the spring sniffles, I pop a Claritin once a day. It does the trick at times, but anything stronger (and more effective) does not suit me well. I took a Zyrtec once and it put me to sleep for half a day. Of course my allergies don’t bother me when I’m asleep! To say, I needed a new remedy would be an understatement.

I discovered Sprayology’s homeopathic remedy at just the right time. AllergEase has literally been a lifesaver to me these past few weeks, completely keeping my allergy symptoms under control. It’s really quite simple, and importantly – effective! On your first use, just two sprays under the tongue (so it enters the bloodstream) every 30 minutes as needed and every day thereafter two sprays three times a day. It sounds like a lot, but it’s not bothersome at all to spray and it’s basically impossible to overdo, which cannot be said for traditional meds!

It’s amazing to me that all of these remedies to relieve runny nose, itchy eyes, rash, headache and sneezing are all in this tiny bottle. If used at the recommended dosage, it will last through a normal allergy season or about a month. At $22, this is certainly more reasonable than popping an allergy pill, and about half the price of my co-pay to go see my doctor!

I’m honestly so intrigued with homeopathic medicine now for everyday ailments. Sprayology categories their remedies into four categories: Rejuvenates, Restores, Relieves and Rebuilds. I love the idea of spraying my daily multi-vitamin or combating cold & flu season naturally.

Have any of you tried Sprayology? Or any gurus out there on homeopathic medicine? We’d love to hear your thoughts on what works!