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A Few of Our Favorite Things….Holiday Gift Guide

There are a few camps of people. For some, the holiday season begins after Thanksgiving. For another subset, it begins before….and that’s quite the subjective date. I’m in the latter camp, and am THISCLOSE to actually putting up my tree. But, I’ll wait until after Thanksgiving. (Maybe.)  I have, however, already picked up some Christmas gifts for […]

Scents of the Season: Winter

You know the phrase, if you can’t beat them, join ‘em? Well that’s sort of how I feel about old mother winter. Truly, the weather outside is frightful but the scent of winter is such a cozy one! Fresh fir, fires, wreaths, winter berries and snow. Divine! But if we’re being real here, we all know […]

Flavor of the Month: Apple

Happy Halloween everyone! This is a favorite holiday of ours — it epitomizes fall, the best time of the year, and there’s candy and trick or treaters. I also like to dress my dog up, which on any other day makes me seem like a crazy dog lady but is totally normal on Halloween. All month long, I’ve been looking […]

Bath & Body Works Goes Tropical

Last week my friend gave me a small votive candle from Slatkin and Co. in Coconut Rice. I’ve been burning it practically every night since then and I still have 1/4 of the candle left. Burning this candle peaked my curiosity for the rest of the Slatkin and Co. line considering how it burned so […]

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