Beauty Black Book: Dana Hotel and Spa + Skin Authority Facial

A few Friday’s ago, I indulged in a facial, courtesy of Skin Authority, at the Dana Hotel and Spa in Chicago. It was the best way to spend a Friday evening — so relaxing after a busy week at work. While some may prefer a night on the town, this was just my speed. The Dana is one of Skin Authority’s spa partners, so I had a customized facial and glycolic peel using Skin Authority products.

After I donned my spa uniform – cozy bathrobe + sandals – I kicked back for a few with a glass of berry and cucumber spa water. I love the rituals involved with relaxing! After prepping my skin and removing all traces of makeup with Skin Authority’s Exfoliating Cleanser, the esthetician did a glycolic peel. The strength of the glycolic acid was 35%, and it was on my skin for just under three minutes.  The peel is an optional add-on to the Dana’s facial treatments.

I had a few extractions done as well, which I never dare do myself (no matter how tempting), but love when professionals do it for me. From there, she used a post-peel balm and massaged it into my skin for about seven minutes. It nearly put me to sleep. Next, she used a clay mask with avocado to further extract gunk out of my pores. While the mask sat, she rubbed an elixir on my neck, shoulders and upper arms. Almost fell asleep during that, too. Total mental relaxation does wonders for the body.

After removing the mask with a hot towel, she layered a series of Skin Authority products on to wrap everything up. Of note about Skin Authority products – they are about the most effective (e.g. highest concentration/lowest penetration pH levels) that you can get without a prescription.

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