New! Sephora by OPI Scentsational Six Fruit-Scented Nail Lacquers

Sephora by OPI Scentsational Six Fruit-Scented Nail Lacquers

Just as I was thinking Sephora needed to feature more scented nail polish, I find this: Sephora by OPI’s Scentsational Six set! Like I said not too long ago, I loves me a scented nail polish. I will make all kinds of exceptions for the color if I love the smell that goes along with it. In this case, I’m happy to see we have a good mix of shades. Could that be a scented flakie? I hope so…

For $24.50 you get six mini nail polishes in:

  • Mango
  • Tutti Fruitti
  • Cherry
  • Citrus
  • Blueberry
  • Watermelon

Only one thing could make this better, full sizes! I just spent a week organizing and swatching all my nail polish and I have to say, those tiny bottles were getting in the way of my Sephora by OPI’s drawer uniform look. 😉

This set is making its way into stores now. Are you scooping them up? What’s your take on scented nail polish? Love it or leave it? Tell us in the comments.

Just Another Mani Monday: Betsey Johnson Too Too Scented Lacquer

I’ve spent the last few months biting my nails and envious of anyone with fabulous manicure because my stubs were not manicure ready. I spent Fashion Week trying to hide my nails so no one would see how awful my nails truly were. They are still not the dream nails I’d like them to be (I got the bad nails in the family) but they are finally long enough to rock a teensy amount of color. The color I chose this week was is Betsey Johnson’s Too Too Scented Lacquer from Sephora by OPI.

I think this shade would be easy to dupe with many brands but one thing drew me to this nail polish, the Betsey Johnson fragrance. I am a sucker for scented nail polishes, I scoop them up every time I learn of a new one. I think if Rescue Beauty Lounge ever put out a scented collection, I’d be done for.

With that said, there are some nail polishes that you practically OD on the fragrance (once I used a purple that smelled like Swisher Sweets and it invaded my nostrils!) and others were you can barely smell it all. This nail polish’s scent is right in the middle. It is not cloying, you’ll only smell if if your nails are near your nose and even then the scent is not out of place… my nails just smell clean.

You can find Betsey Johnson’s Too Too Scented Lacquer at Sephora for $9.50. What’s your take on scented nail polish? Yay or nay?

Sephora Makes a Statement with Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow

Are you seeing what we’re seeing? That’s the look of Sephora stepping up its makeup game in a BIG way. With the launch of Prisma Chrome Eyeshadows, Sephora is showing us makeup lovers that they’ve got what it takes to catch our attention. With that striking pattern, how could you not look twice?

Sephora Prisma Chrome is equal parts baked/powder and cream, intended to capture light and deliver a “prismatic” effect. The finish is smooth and the colors are true to form. We like what we’re seeing – in the pan and on the eye.

Of the 10 shades in total, we put three to the test: Shimmering Sand (#10); Gold Reflection (#20); and Purple Prisma (#40). Shimmering Sand is one of those lid-perfecting shades that makes you look like you spent much more time on your eye makeup than the actual 30 seconds you did. Gold Reflection is more yellow than it is metallic, and is very pigmented. As for Purple Prisma, I was expecting more of a vibrant purple, but the description calls for lilac, which is semi-accurate.

So, what’s the final verdict on Sephora’s BIG makeup moment?

On the plus side:

+ awesome wave pattern
+ strong color payoff
+ ease of use
+ staying power (all day with primer!)

A few cons to note:

– $15 price tag (same price as MAC eyeshadows!)
–  Packaging is a little bulky and shadow doesn’t seem totally secure in the pan (i.e. DON’T DROP!)

What are your thoughts on Prisma Chrome? Yay or nay?

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Sephora's Jumbo 12HR Wear Waterproof Pencils a Hybrid Surprise

I tend to go a little wild with the bright blues in the summertime. I’m usually not so rigid in the “rules” of seasonal color, but anything in the realm of aqua blue is made to be worn in summer. It’s the perfect complement to blazin’ temps. One bold aqua blue that I have grown quite fond of is Sephora’s Jumbo 12HR Wear Waterproof Pencil in Turquoise. It reminds me of a hybrid of NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencils and Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Eyeliners. These wear like iron on the lids — 12-hours is an understatement — and the jumbo pencil is a nice touch and gives some flexibility with application.

I think the Turquoise is a mesmerizing shade. These have a creamy look to them, but believe me when I tell you this is not going to shift around at all. I like to wear it along the lower lash line, because it stays so well. It’s definitely an attention-grabbing color, but just a subtle pop of it makes eye makeup so interesting!

Sephora release 14 shades in total, and the best part? They’re only $10! Definitely give these a second look the next time you make a vis it to Sephora — if Turquoise isn’t your thing, the Taupe and Khaki will make you swoon. Promise! Oh, and in case you were wondering, the printed bag shown above is a NEST travel pouch that I got from Birchbox (free with any $50 purchase).

Beauty Gifts for a Bachelorette

Summer is the unofficial-official wedding season. It kicks off in May, and goes strong until October. I for one, am very much a traditionalist with shower gifts (something off the registry) and gift money on the big day (no, I don’t think it’s tacky, at all). But for bachelorette parties, I like to gift beauty, obviously. It’s a fun gift to give, and to get!

Here are my top picks for the bridal gifts this summer, and beyond.

Sephora Favorites, Beauty & the Bride Kit ($45)

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Kate Walsh's The Boyfriend Kit

Kate Walsh from Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice fame is behind this fragrance and she tried to recreate a man’s scent on a woman. Kate had broken up with her boyfriend and realized she missed his smell so that inspired her to create this fragrance. I love that she has a pretty unique concept for a celebrity fragrance. We’re all guilty of reveling in his scent after he has left, right? Years ago in high school in Portugal, every time I smelled Drakar Noir, I’d stop what I was doing and turn around in the hopes that he was walking in the room but the joke was on me! Every guy and his dad wore Drakar Noir back then.

Fast forward 15 years later and I completely understand the motivation behind this fragrance and this Boyfriend Kit is the most adorable set ever. Is it not? This Boyfriend Kit retails for $95 and includes a 0.50oz Eau de Parfum, a 0.16oz Pulse Point Oil mini, a 1.0oz Dry Oil mini, a 1.6oz Body Creme mini and a votive in mini traincase. It has everything you need to layer the fragrance on the skin and surround yourself with it in your home. Almost everything in this set is sold individually except the candle, which I wish was available individually because I wouldn’t mind picking up a larger version of it.

So how does it smell? I think it’s a beautifully warm, woody oriental fragrance. It is definitely the kind of fragrance I love wearing during these cold, chilly winter days. It has notes of plum, myrrh, jasmin, benzoin, musk, amber and vanilla. It opens with a little sweetness but that fades away pretty quickly and the woody notes come into focus and take over for the duration of the fragrance’s wear. You don’t need much with this fragrance, a spritz or two is literally all you need because it is heady and full. It has good silage and is long wearing. You won’t need to layer this fragrance, but you can.

If you like sweet floral or fruity fragrances, this is not for you. This is a “must love woodsy notes” type of fragrance. If you’re familiar with Marc Jacobs Bang, I find it brings this fragrance to mind. If you’re open to this type of fragrance, give it a try, it might just become your new Boyfriend.

Sephora by OPI Urban Ballerina Collection

From the moment I saw pictures of this Sephora by OPI Urban Ballerina set, I wanted it all. The idea of a punk rock ballerina just warms my heart… that I can never get enough of nude and grey shades. I am addicted to them! Am I alone here? This collection is making me want to attempt a look I’ve seen on the runway but have never had the guts to try, to take a dark beige shade on the whole nail then to taking a light beige shade and place it in the shape of an oval at the base of the nail. I think it will look chic, no? If I ever get bold enough to try it, I’ll definitely show you the results. 🙂

I picked up this set for $18 and it includes for 0.125oz bottles of Leotard-Optional, The Way Tutu His Heart, Who’s Spinning Tonight? and Break a Leg-Warmer! I do think some of these shades possibly have dupes in other lines but I figured I’d get the set and figure that out later. I wanted to make sure I got the “greatest hits” before I delved into my stash to see what I could do without before it was too late… knowing my level of procrastination, it could be awhile.

The rest of the Urban Ballerina collection includes:

  • Break a Leg Warmer – opaque charcoal gray
  • Leotard Optional – opaque mocha beige
  • Let’s Plie – opaque metallic light beige

  • Shinny Dancer – opaque slate with fine iridescent glitter
  • The Way Tutu His Heart – opaque light pink
  • Who’s Spinning Tonight – opaque metallic true grape

The full sized bottles from the Urban Ballerina collection are in Sephora now and bottles go for $9.50 each. I have to say, I think this collection kicks the Glee collection’s ass!

Gleeking Out for Sephora by OPI's GLEE Collection

Superbowl Sunday is just a few short days away, and while I’m hoping for a Green Bay loss, I’m really more excited for the return of Glee following the game. I’m hooked on this show and it was a long January without a new episode. So when I heard about the Sephora by OPI collaboration, that was cause for celebration. This five-piece mini kit in particular is so adorable.  The shades included are:

  • Miss Bossy Pants – A rich raspberry as show stopping as Rachel herself
  • Slushied – There’s no need to duck from this opaque blue
  • Celibacy Club – Even if it’s only part of the show, express your inner angel with this glimmering, diamond top coat (Mini Kit exclusive)
  • Gleek Out – A glittery lime green that will have everyone singing your praises
  • Sue vs. Shue – Stay a step ahead of the rivalry with this rebellious navy blue (Mini Kit exclusive)
  • Express Yourself to Yourself – Even more entertaining than Sue Sylvester in a music video, this coral shimmer shade will have people talking (Mini Kit exclusive)

There are also four additional shades not in the mini kit:

  • Mash-Up -Inspired by Will Schuester, this pearlescent green gray pulls it all together for a pitch-perfect look
  • Hell to the No – This purple shade might as well be considered liquid-pizzazz, a catch-phrase often heard by Mercedes Jones
  • Who Let the Dorks Out? -All the cool kids aren’t doing it, says Sue Sylvester, but express your individuality and inner-Gleek with this statement peacock green
  • Diva-in-Training – Step aside Rachel Berry. The next solo is yours with this poppy pink hue inspired by Santana Lopez

Mash-Up and Slushied are the two shades I’m looking forward to trying. My only disappointment? No Brittany shade! She easily has the best one-liners on the show.

Last Minute Holiday Gifts: The Minis

I am always a last minute shopper when it comes to holiday gifts. I still have a few more gifts to buy tonight so if you’re like me, I thought I’d give you some last minute shopping ideas. I always love the mini sets we see around the holidays, they just call to me. Aren’t they cute? You can find all of these sets in stores now.

Sephora by OPI Eighteen Piece Mini Nail Colour Set – Sephora by OPI has been putting out some interesting colors each season this year and this set is just the icing on the cake of a great year of color. There are enough colors in this set to please just about anyone… you have basic shades and more daring shades all in one set. It’s my favorite mini set of the season.

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Spotted Online: Great Sales at Sephora has stepped up their game this year, with constantly evolving promotions and weekly specials. They also do a very good job of hiding great deals in the sale section. Here’s a few that caught my eye this week:

Lorac’s On-Screen Duo is now only $7. There’s two shades available – Fame & Fortune, a black cream shadow/liner with gold shimmer poweder, and the bronzey Rich & Famous shown above.

For just $29, you can snag Korres Melon Body Collection – a jumbo sized Shower Gel and Body Butter.  This is one of our top picks for summer – it smells incredible!

These fun and playful lip glosses by Balmshell are now just $11. The company sent us a few samples to try, and they are just the cutest. The color I really liked was a rosey pink — You Give Me Fever (shown above).  It’s a lip gloss and key-chain in one and each color has a unique personality. I think it’d make a great girly gift, for a bridal party gift bag or just a lip gloss to play on someone’s personality. Plus, the scent is reminiscent of grape Pop Rocks. Who doesn’t like a blast from the candy past?