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Just Another Mani Monday: SensatioNail Coral Sunset Gel Polish

We spent last Friday night giving ourselves gel manicures with the SensatioNail Gel Polish system. After noticing how my mother’s nails looked like they were bleeding since she wouldn’t remove the leftovers of her red mani, I thought I’d try to convert her to gel. I was also trying to convert my aunt, who says nail polish does not last more than a couple days on her nails. So there we were, four gals gathered around a table with a LED lamp and some nail polish. We went with Coral Sunset, Purple Orchid and Taupe Tulips. These are my mother’s nails, nails I envy and I often complain to her that I did not inherit them. She’s wearing Coral Sunset, doesn’t it look gorgeous on her?

If you’re a fan of Shellac or other salon gel manicures, you’re going to want to learn more about SensatioNail. For the cost of two visits to a nail salon, depending how much your salon charges, you can pick up a SensatioNail starter set and get a gel manicure at home.

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