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Facial Wax in a Wand

Usually I use the Poetic Waxing kit from Bliss to do some of my waxing but I have to admit, it can be rather inconvenient at times. Who wants to wait by the stove while their wax warms up?

Sally Hansen's Lavender Spa Wax Facial Wand I found an alternative in Sally Hansen’s Lavender Spa Wax Facial Wand while I was browsing the aisles at Ulta the other day. What’s unique about this product is that the wax comes in a wand that you can put in the microwave for 30 seconds then glide over the area to be waxed. As an added bonus, this wax contains lavender so it has a much more attractive scent than your regular wax and it helps prevent irritation. It comes with wood spatulas, little waxing guides for your brows, azulene oil and cloths to remove the wax.

When I started using the wand, the lavender colored wax was a little alarming at first as it didn’t seem to dry or harden as like other waxes do but don’t let that deter you, that was just my experience. When I went to remove the wax though, it performed pretty well to my surprise and cleaned up nicely. It didn’t cause a mini-breakout either so I was happy with that. Even though the packaging is convenient and you can just glide it on, I found it easier and cleaner to just use on of the wooden spatulas. It allowed me to be more precise with applying the wax.

This is definitely something I will buy again and keep on hand for those times I don’t feel like waiting by the stove for my usual wax to warm up. The price point is good and I still can’t get over the packaging. It’s worth a shot for those of you who do your waxing at home.

Cuticle Cure

Cuticles are the one area of my body that I hesitate to mess around with. Aside from all the warnings against cutting your own cuticles that pop up in magazine articles, I’ve just never trusted myself to trim or groom them. Yet, when it’s been over two months since my nails have seen the inside of a nail salon, some thing’s got to be done about those thick, dry cuticles!

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover did the trick, minus any scissors or scary-looking tools. The bottle’s nozzle dispenses a thin application of the clear liquid which I spread around the bottom of my nail bed. The product smelled vaguely of acetone, but no worse than nail polish. Within 15 seconds, the dry cuticles had broken down. After a quick wipe of the nail, I had smooth, moisturized fingers. It was absolutely magic!

This quick- working formula also breaks down calluses and other dry spots of skin. Be sure to follow the directions and remove the product from skin after no longer than one minute; I left some on for a minute and a half (just to see what would happen) and experienced a slight burning. Nothing too terrible, though, and no redness. For under $4 at the local drugstore, you can bet this will become a permanent part of my manicure kit.

I Was Heeled!

I have a confession to make, I have really dry heels. There, I exposed my secret shame. My heels are so dry that I do not wears shoes in public that would leave them exposed in any way, without socks of course. In the summer, this really sucks. I have tried a variety of products to help with this and none of them have performed the miracle that this product has in just one night.

Sallyhansenheelrepair This is Sally Hansen NightTime Heel Repair Wrap. At first glance, yes, this does seem pretty awkward. It actually felt awkward on my feet at first as well. This is a set of wraps that are made of felt and have a little velcro tab to securely keep the wrap on the heel. It comes with a a set of pads you place inside the wrap. The pads seemed to have something applied to them but I wasn’t sure what it was and I didn’t question it. This seems to be the key reason this product works so well. The pads function as a thick barrier and this allows the heel to absorb the moisture really well. The directions said to apply the co-ordinating ointment but I did pick that up. I actually applied some chamomile petroleum jelly on my heel instead and strapped on the wraps.

When I took the wraps off the next day, I was completely stunned by how soft and moisturized my heels were. It would ordinarily take me a few nights of sleeping with socks on and applying petroleum jelly to get these kinds of results.This was comfortable too. I do not like sleeping with socks on but I put up with it. With this, my toes got the air they needed. Also, this is completely washable. The wraps and the padded inserts can both be washed and used over and over again. At $5.99, it’s pretty reasonable too. Sally, you did good with this one.