Beauty Products I Miss: Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquers


Ever have a product that you love and suddenly, inexplicably, they are no where to be found? This is how I feel about some of my favorites from Rimmel. Without warning, the products I’m loving mysteriously disappear from drugstore shelves.

My first experience with this was their Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquers shown here. Before matte liquid lipsticks were on the scene, Rimmel introduced these as an alternative to the liquid lipsticks being put out at the time by brands like Guerlain. At a fraction of the price, I stocked up and happily kept them everywhere I could possibly need them. Then they were gone and before long, the only shades I could find were the ones no one wanted on clearance.

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Ten or Less: Rimmel Moisture Renew SPF 15 Lip Gloss

I have a lip gloss problem. The problem? I can never have enough! Just ask my purse, filled with about 12 different types of the same shade of gloss!

I recently saw this Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip Gloss and was drawn to it for the SPF 15 + vitamins in it, who can’t use more SPF and vitamins to boot? This gloss is not at all sticky, which I enjoy, but that also means it is not long wearing, requiring frequent re-application. I am finding it is best suited to summer, pool, hiking, day drinking, etc. I think this gloss is a fun option and a great way to a little something to your look, by the pool, on the golf course, whatever your sun-drenched poison may be. My lips tend to get wind/sunburned and this is a great way to protect them with a little sheer color.

The only con I have for this gloss, and it is a big one, it tastes and smells like sunscreen. It does not keep me from using it, but it is a little unpleasant. That might be a deal breaker for some of you out there, but I can deal with it for the protection, price and shine.

Have any of you out there tried it? What are your verdicts on this gloss?

Beam of Light

Rimmel Light Beam Lipgloss Rimmel has come out with a genious new lipgloss, Light Beam Lipgloss as part of their Underground collection. What is great about this lipgloss is that it features a mirror on the side of the vial and a light beam, right in the corner of the cap. No more trying to re-apply light gloss without proper light, this time the light it built right in. Packaging aside though, this lipgloss really has a great texture. It goes on smooth and isn’t tacky. It kept my lips soft the whole time, it felt like more of a lip balm than a gloss. The colors may look a little startling but give the shades a try, they are quite sheer once you put them on.

Long Lush Lashes

I am a mascara addict. I try every new one that comes out in the market – therefore, I have yet to remain loyal to one because there is always a new one coming out! So, during one of my favorite trips to the Target makeup section, I came across a new Rimmel Mascara, called Lycra Lash Extender. Being a fan of Rimmel’s Eye Magnifier Eye Opening Mascara, I was excited and ready to try this one.

Rimmel Lycra Lash Mascara Lycra Lash Extender promises 60% more length and 50% more curve. This mascara contains lycra (hence the name) – yes the same lycra that makes our jeans fit so great. This mascara definitely delivers. I have very sparse, short lashes and this one gives the illusion of fake, long lashes. I like to put on multiple coats, but even after just 2 coats, you will see the difference. My lashes remained soft, not hard and flaky throughout the night – but most importantly Longer and Thicker. The brush is called a “stretching” brush, but looks like a normal mascara brush to me, yet is very comfortable to hold. This mascara comes in black and brown. I always pick a black shade and this one was not overpowering at all. All in all a good new mascara to add to the collection.