Playing Up the Eyes

Pout Eyesheers Pout Eyesheers are one of my favorite new products, they’re convenient enough to apply on the go. They are sheer cream based eyeshadows that dry to a powder finish. The applicator is just like a lipgloss, that sponge based tip, but it works with this product. I’ve found it easy to apply and it works pretty well when I blend the color with my fingers. This is why I keep this in my makeup bag now.

I was happy to find that this product has lasting power as well. I put this eyeshadow to the test before lunch and it was still on well into the evening. The color is sheer but it’s buildable color and the intensity is up to you. It also has a nice light shimmer to it that is not over powering. There are only two shades right now, Calypso and Atlanta but I’m really looking forward to seeing more. I’ve found Calypso to be a great everyday duo due to it’s beige based colors and Atlanta has a gorgeous copper shade that can make a great smokey eye.