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Four Degrees of Microdermabrasion: Pt. 1

Today’s topic is microdermabrasion and let me say that I am a microdermabrasion fiend. I prefer stronger products, the ones that make me feel like I’m sand-blasting on my face (not literally, you know what I mean, right?). Before you tell me too much is bad for my skin, I’m completely aware of this. I do this about once a week, twice if I want to feel really pretty. 🙂 My desire to try new micro-dermabrasion products is endless, unfortunately my funds are not. Wouldn’t it be great if they weren’t? I have managed to gather a few different options at different price ranges to share with you though.

Purelypolished Pond’s Purely Polished Micro-Dermabrasion Anti-Aging Kit is the least expensive option out of the four products I tried. When I saw it’s applicator, I was pretty excited about using this product. I was hoping for the best due to it’s price alone but when I started using this, it seemed more suitable as an exfoliant than micro-dermabrasion. Sure, it does do a little something but it lacks the oomph I was looking for. The texture of this product seemed really week and I was really disappointed with this. I guess you get what you pay for though. Instead of using this as it was intended to be used, I put in my shower to use as an exfoliant. At least this way I get some use out of it.