Piaffe Color

I recently told you about a product range called Piaffe, which is a term used within the equestrian world. I loved the Pure Indulgence Moisturizer and couldn’t wait to try out a few products from the makeup line. Mineral makeup is fairly ubiquitous and Piaffe has it’s own range of mineral products – liquid tint, pressed powder and loose powder.

Piaffe's Mineral Loose Powder Foundation I’m a religious user of one of the top brands of loose mineral makeup and I knew that Piaffe would have to knock my socks off to get me to switch allegiance. I decided to spend a couple of days wearing my everyday mineral makeup on one side of my face and the Piaffe’s Mineral Loose Powder Foundation on the other.

Piaffe’s coverage is a little more sheer than other brands on the market, which is great if you have very few skin imperfections. For those times when you do need more coverage, the brand suggests you swipe the loose powder over cream foundation. (I didn’t try that trick out, so I can’t speak to its effectiveness.) The formula felt very lightweight and didn’t become chalky as the day wore on. And with an SPF of 8, it’s a good layer of protection for your skin.

One downside of Piaffe’s loose mineral powder is that it’s only available in 4 shades, all of which seem to have pink undertones instead of yellow undertones. Yellow-based shades are commonly acknowledged as more universally wearable by a wider range of skin tones. Pink-based shades can look a little ashy or unnatural. However,if you can make a color match for your skin tone, I would definitely reccomend trying Piaffe’s mineral makeup. Next up – Piaffe Super Gloss!

Perfect Lip Color

Piaffe Perfect Lip Color
As I am on the lip color kick, a new lipstick warrants a review. Piaffe Perfect Lip Color, is a new lipstick that I was sent. I am not familiar with Piaffe’s products, but was pleasantly surprised upon trying this product. Nothing too complicated going on here, just a luxurious feeling lipstick that had exceptionally good staying power.

The lipstick comes in this simple, dark chrome tube that looks great when pulled out to reapply in any situation. The color goes on creamy and is extremely moisturizing, making my lips feel like cashmere. The lipstick has a slight odor that is familiar to a lot of drugstore brands out there, but goes away and is unnoticeable after some time. You can visit www.piaffe.us for more information.

Elegant Skincare

Piaffe – a term used within the equestrian world to describe a series of elegant maneuvers performed by horse and rider – is a luxury skincare/makeup brand that strives for equally elegant perfection. Creator Marie Regan strives to infuse every product in her range – from skincare to mineral makeup with vitamins and minerals that will improve the condition of your skin. The range is streamlined and simple so you can get the best results with minimal effort.

Piaffe’s Pure Indulgence Moisturizer I’ve fallen in love with Piaffe’s Pure Indulgence Moisturizer. When I pumped the lightweight lotion into my hand, I was extremely skeptical that such a thin fluid could impart the moisture that one of my heavier creams does. I was shocked at how smooth and cushiony my skin felt – instantly! The moisturizer slips over the face and neck, quickly absorbing into the skin. I typically wear primer underneath my mineral makeup, but was able to skip that step after using Pure Indulgence Moisturizer. And with horse chestnut extract, which improves circulation; shea butter, Vitamins E, A and C, I know I’m doing good things to my skin. I’m ready to commit – this bottle now takes up permanent residence in my medicine cabinet.

We’ll have more on this line in the week to come.