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Naked Skin: Part 2

The other product I’ve been using from Nude Skincare is their Moisture Balance, which is a gel based moisturizer for oily skin. I usually love this type of formula but in this case, I’m a little torn.

Nude Skincare's Moisture Balance At first, this moisturizer seems to have everything that I’m looking for. It’s got a nice, light texture to it, has a nice rose scent and my skin drinks it in quickly. My skin feels a bit tight and dry to the touch at first but as the day goes on, it gets better. I’ve also noticed that my skin stays shine free a little longer with this moisturizer, that’s thanks to the laminaria seaweed in the product. It doesn’t keep me 100% shine free but any little bit helps.

I do think that this moisturizer could be a bit more moisturizing, it’s a little to light for my taste but this could very well be due to the colder, drier weather. I’m going to tuck this away for now and give this another try when it’s more humid out. This might be the right amount of moisture for me then.

Naked Skin: Part 1

There’s something about sleek, modern packaging that just draws me in and doesn’t let go. That’s how I feel about Nude Skincare. From the color, to the design and even the materials that make up the packaging, everything about this line is very forward thinking. When you consider that Nude Skincare is also an environmentally friendly line, that just makes it even more appealing.

Nude Skincare's Facial Scrub I tried two products in this line and the first one is their Facial Scrub. It features rose quartz beads, oat, manketti and juazeiro extract. The beads are ultra fine so that are not harsh on your skin, it doesn’t leave you feeling like you just scrubbed away layers and layers of skin and the oat helps soothe what skin you do remove. It has a bit of a thicker, creamy consistency but it still rinses off pretty well. It’s one of the more gentler exfoliating products I’ve tried recently and it’s suitable for all skin types. I think even the more sensitive skinned gals would get along well with this scrub. It smells pretty good too. As a girl who flips for anything rose scented, I was pleasantly surprised here.

While I like having this product on hand for the times when I want to take it easier on my skin, I would have some reservation about using this regularly. It’s a little spendy so I don’t want it all gone in a flash. Nude lists this at £28.00, which is roughly $55 US converted. Unfortunately that’s a bit too high for my budget but of course there are those for which that amount is reasonable. One thing to remember is that sometimes the more natural and environmentally friendly products may cost more but may be worth more to you and the earth in the long run.

What about you? Would you splurge for something like this?