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Don't Avoid the Paparazzi Anymore

After hearing a lot of buzz about Napoleon Perdis, I was excited to try out this line of Australian skincare and makeup. Napoleon Perdis boasts over 13 years in the business and the makeup has been used in many of America’s Next Top Model photo shoots.

Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish My absolute favorite product of this bunch has been the Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish Powder Foundation in Look B2. The range of colors is impressive. I usually have trouble finding a face product that is light enough for my pale skin yet this foundation is available in several tan to dark shades as well. The claim is that it “conceals, covers and sets” and I can’t agree more. I have tried this as a foundation using a sponge applicator that comes in the mirrored compact. It provides lightweight, sheer coverage, evens out skin tone and reduces redness.

The formula easily doubles as a concealer – I simply use my finger to dot a little powder onto blemishes and am able to achieve a great amount of coverage. My preferred use for Camera Finish Powder is applying it over tinted moisturizer or foundation. I swirl my fluffy Bare Escentuals Flawless Face Brush over the powder and onto my face, particularly in the “T Zone” to eliminate shine and create a flawless, airbrushed look. Although this product is sold as a foundation, I cannot stress how lightweight and comfortable it is. Even worn over foundation, it delivers great coverage and pigment but won’t settle in lines or clog pores.

If you act quickly, you can even find some shades on sale at Sephora.

Pucker Up

“Plump up the Volume” is the quote on the tube of Napoleon Perdis Love Bite Lip Plump in Passion. Napoleon is one of the new lip products that have come out on the market that promise to plump up your lips to give them the “pout” that we are all coveting.

Napoleon Perdis Love Bite Lip Plump Now I don’t know about you, but the only way I have seen and actually tried to get significantly fuller lips is by injecting them with Restylane–and let me tell you it is painful. But there is no other way, I have found, to duplicate that look with so-called Lip Plumpers, glosses, injectors, etc. I have tried numerous products out on the market, and haven’t been too impressed.

Napoleon Perdis’ newest contains Capsicum Pepper and Cinnamon to stimulate and swell lips, while menthol soothes and jojoba to smooth. This plumper comes in a tube shaped applicator with a slanted tip, that makes it very convenient to apply sans mirror. It went on as a tingling high-shine gloss that was not extremely uncomfortable and lasted quite a while. What surprised me though, was the pretty cotton-candy pink color that looked great on its own or layered over lipstick.

Lip Gloss Couture

You may have heard of the name Napoleon Perdis but have yet to try one of his line’s products. Now Sephora is giving you the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet with the amazing Napoleon Perdis products with this great lip gloss set.

Napoleon Perdis Lip Couture The Napoleon Perdis Lip Couture gift set contains 5 lip glosses in these amazing vivid colors for only $25. The lip gloss itself is really good with a ton of shine. It’s got a brush applicator instead of a doe foot application and it’s got a really nice texture. It’s a little bit on the thicker side but it’s not the least bit tacky. It’s also very pigmented so you could skip color underneath if you wanted to. I’ve been wearing this lip gloss in Paris lately and it’s a very lovely and light berry shade. This formula also features some plumping agents but it’s not tingly at all, it gives you a pleasant warm sensation on your lips.