Buh-Bye Blemish: Murad Clarifying Wipes

I’ve been cursed with blemishes that will not disappear. There’s three in total. Two on my forehead and one to the left of my lips – same spots, always.  No matter how much drying lotion or salicylic acid-based treatment I use, they always come back. And the timing is suspect. These blemishes have cropped up in a perma way these last few months, which have been some of my most busy and stressful. Enter Murad Acne Clarifying Wipes, an on-the-go version of the brand’s renowned acne line. I’ve been using these wipes for a few weeks and am finding these stubborn blemishes are going away faster.

These wipes aren’t a traditional cleansing wipe, and I like to use them on clean skin once a day. They have this phenomenal cooling sensation on the skin and make me feel like my skin is truly clean (not stripped, though). Look for witch hazel (a natural form of salicylic acid) to tighten pores, algae extract to regulate oil and grape seed extract and vitamin E.

I’m hoping with regular use and a trip to see a professional for extractions, I can finally get rid of these pests once and for all.

Murad Clarifying Wipes just launched last month, $18 for 30-count. Available here.

Skincare to Prevent Your Face From Melting During a Heat Wave

I’m certain the only way to not melt your face off with these 100+ temps that seem to rise with every day this week is to actually just stay inside the comforts of an air conditioned home. If only jobs and lives didn’t get in the way of our cooling plans. The next best thing is to deploy a face-melting offense/defense strategy that will keep you looking cool and refreshed (despite feeling otherwise). The following is heat wave-tested, Product Girl-approved.
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Mother's Day, Glowing Skin and Vitamin C

We are not mothers at Product Girl, though I am a “proud mama” to a sassy four-year old Boston Terrier, but we love to spend Mother’s Day weekend pampering our moms. The ultimate form of bonding. My Saturday will entail a much-needed pedicure with mom, some shopping and at-home spa-ing.  While I won’t spill what I’m gifting mom with this year, I will share some great ideas and products that we think are musts for you and mom!

There’s  a common thread here: radiant skin by the power of citrus.

– Murad’s new Intensive-C Radiance Peel contributes to a more youthful appearance by smoothing and illuminating skin with the help of glycolic acid, vitamin C, fig and myrtle extract. Benefits also include boosting collagen production, improved skin clarity and less dullness. With just one use, you’ll boast a brighter complexion. $49.50, Sephora.

– And, my personal favorite, Arcona Mandarin Brightening Peel. Mom and I both will be slathering this on our skin this weekend as part of our spa-at-home activity. I’ve been using it for several weeks (only once per seven days – it’s powerful!) and can see an improvement in my skin. The active ingredients to thank are glycolic acid, which exfoliates and regenerates skin, lactic acid, helping with hyper-pigmentation, lycopene, the free radical scavenger, and a series of patented ingredients to help inhibit melanin and fade age spots. Oh, and the first ingredient is orange zest, so you can imagine HOW GOOD this smells. With one use, skin is noticeably brighter. With two, a little more luminous. And by three uses, you’re addicted and counting down the days you get to use it again. $78, Arcona.

– For your daily dose of vitamin C power, there’s Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate. With an impressive 10.5% concentration of pure C, this serum has become a cult fav since its launch in 2005. You can use up to two times daily, a recommended two pumps before your moisturizer, and fine lines are on notice. This Saturday, May 12, you can get a complimentary 10-day sample to experience it yourself. The brand is hosting “Kiehl’s Day of Strength” at all locations on Saturday and serving up some vita C refreshments to go with the samples. Sounds like a great pit stop during my day of mother/daughter bonding! $58, Kiehl’s.

What are you plan’s for this weekend? Any special activities for mom? And if you are a mom, we wish you a perfect day!

Johnny on the Spot

You know those bins next to the cash registers at Sephora? I go through those bins every time I’m there and one time I noticed Murad’s Acne Spot Treatment. I bought it on a whim, being happy with my previous experiences with Murad, so I figured I’d tuck this away for the future.

Murad Acne Spot Treatment Well, that time has come and this product has proven to be quite helpful. I have been struggling with some skin issues lately so I’ve been using a combination of Murad’s clarifying products to help resolve the problem with some encouraging results. Since I was using the other products, I figured I’d whip this out as well.

The way to use this product is to dab a small amount on a problem blemish as a thin layer and let it dry. You can apply this product as many times as needed but I’ve been putting this on once before bed and leaving it on overnight. The product contains salicylic acid, which exfoliates to speed up healing and sulfur to help clean out pores. When you apply this product, you feel a slight sting but as the product dries and tightens on your skin, you can feel it absorb the impurities in your skin. Every time I’ve used this product, it’s worked well for me and reduced the size of most of my blemishes right away. I’ve had to reply this a few times for those more difficult blemishes but overall, this is a product I’ve started on depending on to help clear those unsightly spots.

My New Best Friends: Pt. 3

Muradtoner Finally, my last new best friend is Murad’s Clarifying Toner. As someone with oily skin prone to breakouts, I have really enjoyed using this product. I like a strong toner and when I use this toner, I feel like it’s really taming my skin and reaching deep down to kill any bacteria at the core. I have to say, I have grown to like the quick menthol sting it gives me. I was once told that if it does not sting, it’s not doing it’s job. It can be a bit drying but if used as part of a regimen, it’s really not an issue. Some of us actually welcome a little dryness from time to tome. I often use this toner if my skin feels really oily and it does a fantastic job of cutting through the grime and leaving my skin refreshed. It’s not surprising that this product is part of the Acne Complex kit, it has really helped improve the appearance of my skin.

My New Best Friends: Pt. 2

Muradlip Now meet Murad’s Energizing Pomegranate Lip Therapy with SPF 15. Although it’s a lip treatment, this product’s shine almost makes you believe it’s a lip gloss. The glossy shine that it gives your lips is great and it has a nice light pink tint to it. To me, the consistency in this product is just right. It’s not really thick and goopy but it’s thick enough to make you feel like you’re really taking care of your lips. It does require some periodic reapplication but for those of us who always need some sort of product on our lips, it’s probably not a big deal. This contains pomegranate extract, UVA/UVB protection shea butter and salicylic acid to help exfoliate your lips… and I’m all about exfoliation.

For fun, If you’re really in a lip treatment/lip balm person, you should check out Chaptastic. I think I might submit a picture for their collection contest.

My New Best Friends: Pt. 1

I’ve started experimenting with Murad’s products and so far, there are 3 products that I have really come to rely on and love. These products have now become my staples, my can’t start the day without them products. I’ll be introducing them to you in the next few posts.

Muradmoisturizer Meet Murad’s Vitalic Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer. This is a great product for someone with oily skin, which is my skin type. Finding a good light-weight yet effective moisturizer can be a challenge and this product lives up to it’s name.

This moisturizer is a little different than the previous ones I’ve tried though. The consistency of this product is somewhat runny and if you left this open for awhile, you would risk wasting some of the product but that is what I love about this moisturizer. Since it has a thin consistency, a little of this can go a very long way. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on my skin either, it’s light and absorbs quickly. I love the smell of pomegranate used in the product as well, it’s very fresh and as the name of the product suggests… energizing. I love that it has SPF 15 in it as well.